Successful Trim Healthy Mama living

Sep 13, 2022

What does it take to be successful in reaching your goals?


I want to share with you what my most successful clients have in common and how they overcome common pitfalls to achieve success in their Trim Healthy Mama journey. 


  • Make a quality commitment to adopt the plan as a lifestyle. Not a perfect commitment, but an “I am in” day in and day out because they were done with dieting. Done with the mental drama. Create a vision and a “why” for showing up in a healthy way every day.


  • Redefine what success is. Success is no longer just the number on the scale or perfect food choices. Success is learning how to show up for yourself daily and honor yourself with your choices. Success is about how you think and learning how to harness the power of your mind to live to your full potential. Success is realizing that failure is a part of the process. Success is meeting yourself right where you are and taking baby steps to the next level. ...
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