How To Navigate Disappointment In Your Health Journey Setbacks

Jan 31, 2024 


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Life often brings disappointments, and today, I'm sharing my personal experience, particularly in the context of my health journey and recent Masterclass training. Disappointment is a common companion in our pursuits, whether it's achieving goals or navigating the challenges of a weight loss and health journey.


Understand Disappointment: It’s a 50/50 Reality

Disappointment is a universal part of life—a delicate balance between setbacks and successes, rejection and approval. We seldom discuss how to navigate and move through disappointment effectively. In my journey and with my clients, disappointment is a recurring theme, often rooted in unmet weight loss expectations.

Getting Real: My Disappointments

I'm getting personal today, sharing my disappointment with my latest master class. The first one didn't go as planned, and the recent experience has left me introspective. My goal is to touch lives, guide women in their health journey, and make a meaningful impact. However, this recent disappointment has challenged me.


Shift Your Perspective: Examine Disappointment

In my journal, I poured out the raw emotions of disappointment—tears in my eyes, a pit in my stomach, and doubt. It's crucial to acknowledge disappointment, but equally important to move through it. I've had a history of avoiding disappointment, but now, I'm learning to sit with it, process it, and accept it.

Identify Success Amidst Disappointment

When disappointment hits, it's essential to identify where you've been successful in that situation. It's a powerful mental shift. For me, I delved into areas where I showed courage, relied on my faith, and refused to settle for mediocrity. Shifting the focus from disappointment to success is a game-changer.


Avoid Negative Thoughts→The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Our minds tend to construct negative thoughts in the face of disappointment. My personal thought struggle recently had me making something mean, such as “I'm not good enough, unsuccessful, or doing it wrong.” However, I've learned not to agree with these stories; instead, I focus on the truth.


Anchor in Truth: Commitment Beyond Results

My commitment goes beyond immediate results. It’s like planting a garden—you invest, nurture, and patiently wait for the fruits to appear. Similarly, my commitment is to a vision, not just to the scale or immediate outcomes. I invest for a future return.


Build Resilience: Embrace the Process

Life, be it in weight loss or business growth, is a process. Despite setbacks, recognizing that I'm on my way helps build resilience. Every disappointment becomes a lesson, an opportunity to learn, grow, and strategize for the next attempt.

Embrace a Growth Mindset: All Things Working for Good

A growth mindset involves reinterpreting disappointment as an opportunity for growth. I believe that all things are working for my good and your good. Working through disappointment brings the opportunity to be inspired by past challenging seasons. Visualization becomes a powerful tool in navigating present disappointments.


Gratitude is Paramount: Focus on the Positive

Gratitude acts as a guide. Amidst disappointment, focusing on the positive aspects, such as the knowledge gained from courses and certifications, keeps me going. For me, it's not just about personal well-being but about making a significant impact in the lives of others.


It’s a Process. We Learn and Move Forward

Processing disappointment involves acknowledging it, finding success, avoiding negative thoughts, and anchoring into truth. As we deal with life's disappointments and unmet expectations, let’s emerge resilient, armed with lessons, and focused on a vision beyond immediate results.


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