Simplifying Success: How to avoid Meal planning mistakes

Jan 10, 2024 


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Ready to be bored to tears?

At least, I feel like you may be, but in the vein of staying real and showing you how to eat to lose weight in midlife….and keep it off.

Here’s a day in the life of my meals.


I am living proof that simple, boring systems do well to bring joy to your daily meals. Let’s explore the art of simplifying your meals so you are successful in midlife, lose extra weight, and boost your health to feel well. I’ll show you how to use practical strategies and keep meals simple yet incredibly satisfying.


The Power of Systems Over Goals

Picture this: a life where making healthy choices becomes second nature. It all starts with the realization that systems trump goals. Setting a goal is excellent, but without a system, reaching it can be a challenge. Years ago, I worked to build a habit of creating healthy yet easy meals for my family and myself. And I didn’t want to make more than one meal! But this system isn’t possible if I don’t take the time needed each week to plan.


Weekly Planning Routine

No matter how busy my week appears to be, not planning our meals would only make it worse. I’m sure you’ve experienced the supper-time brain drain while looking at a full fridge but still finding “nothing to eat.” My weekly 30-minute ritual is the linchpin to a productive and peaceful week. Planning meals does not need to be complicated or hard, but the more you do it and stick to your plan, the easier it gets. From choosing my carb sources to prepping proteins, I aim to make the upcoming week as effortless as possible.


Themed Dinners for Effortless Variety

Ever feel overwhelmed by choices? Themed dinners are my secret to banishing that overwhelm. Whether Italian on Mondays or a touch of Mexico on Tuesdays, having a theme adds variety without adding complexity; reducing decision fatigue in multiple areas of your life will automatically make staying on your midlife Trim Healthy plan easier. Don’t waste brain power at every meal. Make your plan early and stick to it.


Breakfast Wisdom: Fueling the Day Right

Breakfast doesn't have to be a monotonous affair of eggs and sausage. In my world, it's a canvas for creativity. From leftover to protein-packed oats, choosing unconventional yet energizing breakfast choices is an excellent start to your day. Start with the right fuel for your body and load this meal with plenty of protein. I like to choose carb-focused breakfasts four times a week to keep my brain firing, my thyroid regulated, and my nerves soothed.


Lunch and Snack Midlife Hacks

Midday cravings can cause a derail from your weight loss plan faster than you think, so stay armed with quick, delicious solutions. Simple salads and plenty of protein keep me going, and anytime I head out the door, whether for a visit, a meeting, or to play pickleball, I always carry a simple whey protein smoothie with me and a baggie of veggies. Staying on the Trim Healthy plan is easy with these hacks and clever planning. Make lunch a highlight, not a hassle.


Closing the Kitchen: Implementing the 12-Hour Fast

As the day winds down, it’s easy to mistake tiredness for hunger, but by continuing proper meal spacing, I found a practice that has worked wonders for me — the 12-hour fast. The after-supper hours are a time to enjoy calming teas or a small kefir smoothie if you are still hungry. Learn the art of knowing when to close the kitchen. It's not just about nourishing the body; it's about building a lifestyle in menopause that fosters overall well-being.


Keeping It Simple after Menopause

Your midlife journey is not just about weight loss or wellness; simplicity is the golden ticket to maintenance and sustainability. Let my simple routine inspire you that it doesn't take hours in the kitchen to thrive. It takes thoughtful, intentional choices that align with your unique rhythm. So, let's keep it simple, stay prepared, and relish the journey to a healthier, happier you.


Remember, losing weight in midlife is a journey, and learning how to nourish your body is personal. But by staying curious and persistent, you can reach your goals no matter what life throws your way. Embrace simplicity, and let your midlife wellness journey be a celebration of joy, not a chore.



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