Take control of your health

and balance your hormones,

even through menopause.

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 Menopause is not the end of health, it can actually be the beginning.

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Welcome! I'm Kris.

Trim Healthy Mama’s Head Coach!

I help perimenopausal and menopausal women

reconnect with their hormones and

lose that stubborn hormonal weight.


My clients come to me

to understand how hormones work,

why the scale is not moving,

and how to fix it.

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Women who work with me experience:


Breakthrough weight loss, especially in the midsection 

Balanced emotions and a better handle of mood swings 

Less anxiety 

Higher quality of sleep, and more of it! 

Brain clarity and memory recovery


Ready for your hormone breakthrough, but don’t know where to start?

The best place is with a discovery call!

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Group Coaching

Join the inner circle of women who are having weight loss breakthrough by creating the health they want.

The best time to start is now!

  • Reduce inflammation, gain energy and sustain a healthy weight.
  • Find food freedom and balance to create happy hormones.
  • Unleash your body’s healing power and experience vibrant health.  

All while watching that stubborn belly fat go!

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Private Coaching

 Feeling stuck?

Discuss root reasons for ruts, physically and emotionally, and how to get out of them and on to your new transformed self.

You will get easy and simple action steps to build your toolbox of health that will give you a big impact.

These calls are the secret sauce to flipping your hormones back on!

Private Coaching


Members of my coaching community achieve real results and feel better than ever!

I am giving up a long relationship with my ever-present muffin top after many years. I am developing a waist. Not to mention that I am way beyond menopause and have hyperthyroidism. Who knew this was possible?

Thank you, Coach Kris

Jennifer A., down 25lbs

"Joining Kris’s group has been just what I needed to gain support, mental clarity and focus to finally lose the weight. She has helped me do the harder inner work of renewing my mind which was the missing piece in my health journey."

Val, down 19lbs

"I got on the scale and I am down 19 pounds and am flabbergasted. I wish I had taken before pictures. I feel so good on THM! "

Renee T., down 12lbs

"12 Pounds in two months with Coach Kris and her Get Your Trim On Tribe. I am so thankful to be enjoying food freedom, exercise, my food and my new positive mindset."

See the transformations my clients achieve...

This is about more than just weight loss. 

It's about confidence, energy, and food freedom.  It's about feeling empowered to believe that you can achieve your goals.  This is a transformative time, your opportunity to take care of yourself,  and truly connect with your body.

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