How to ditch the excuses and stay consistent on the Trim Healthy Mama plan

May 17, 2023

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I'm not going to change.


I'm not going to change the commitment I've made to myself.


That's exactly what Coach Kelly Rackley told herself all year long.


With one quick, impulsive decision, she committed to eating 100% on the Trim Healthy Mama plan for 365 days. 


The trajectory of her entire year took on a new look as she walked out this commitment day after day. And in the end, she learned more about herself and what eating Trim Healthy Mama really means.



The ability to stay on the Trim Healthy plan has much more to do with how you talk to yourself than you might think. Kelly found this out with each passing day. Focusing her energy on solving her problems and pushing through the temptation rather than feeling deprived or sorry for herself took time and effort. 


She had to coach herself. 

"I literally truth...

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Overcoming Setbacks on Your Weight Loss Journey: Lessons from Anne

Apr 26, 2023


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Impossible goals are. the. worst. 


And Anne felt like her health and weight loss goals were…impossible. 


She couldn't stick to the Trim Healthy Mama plan long enough to get traction. So…how was she supposed to find success in health and weight loss?


Hopeless and feeling like she was shoveling snow in a blizzard (she would know, she lives in Canada) - Anne kept trying. Eating on plan but falling off as soon as "life" happened. 


"I did not believe I would be able to find success for my health and weight loss. It seemed completely unmanageable." - Anne


One day, she reached out to me after a mutual friend recommended Feminine Freedom Path, my 6-month Coaching program. 


Her hormone and weight loss struggles made her a great candidate for Feminine Freedom Path. Years of blaming and shaming her lack of commitment...

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Menopause keys to Weight Loss

Jan 24, 2023


Menopause keys to weight loss

Choose foods that are anti-inflammatory to your body. Include foods that boost your gut health and gut microbiome and eat foods that are known to support hormone balance. This is the time of life to choose quality. No more cheap oils and processed, packaged “foods”. Your body is ready and eager to be blessed with nourishing foods. 


Protein is Queen!

Every single meal you consume needs to have a protein source at the center. Begin to diversify your protein choices by including more fish and more plant proteins. 

Find ways to lighten up your meals and use less heavy dairy products. Your body is less efficient at burning through some of the heavier fats, so it is time to make some changes.

An easy way to lighten up your protein-centered meal can be by choosing a protein (think fish), a non-starchy vegetable, and a garnish of fat, roughly about a Tablespoon.

 Instead of a Heavy S meal (animal protein + cheese + mayo...

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Is protein really important?

Dec 06, 2022
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As you age, you start to lose bone and muscle mass. But, there is 1 nutrient that is key to helping you retain muscle mass and bone density. 




Every day you are faced with food choices. Some of those foods help your body and others simply don’t.


If you are in the throes of perimenopause or menopause, even in post menopause one of the best ways you can support your body is to pay attention to what is at the end of your fork. 

Your hormonal symptoms like inability to sleep, hot flashes, low-level anxiety, and stomach bloating are directly related to the foods you choose to eat. It is time to put on your big-girl panties and declare that your health will take priority over your desires and urges and choose foods to heal &...

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Ready to get good at Juggling?

Oct 25, 2022

Trim Healthy Mama is not about obsessing or number counting. But having a few guidelines can help you bring your eating into balance. This can be especially important if you have gotten confused with all the chatter around about what you “should” and “should not” eat.


Your body craves balance. Blood sugar balance, fat balance, and carb balance.


With Trim Healthy Mama, you will bring your body into a place of healing and balance so it can release fat. You do this by cycling your fuels. Choosing a fat focus fuel (S-Satisfying) means you add healthy fats to your protein-focused meal but keep your carbs very low. A carb-focused meal (E-Energizing) is focused on a lean protein with added healthy carbs. Both meals should include good amounts of non-starchy veggies. Read here for a refresher on your fat & carb number guidelines.


Let’s take a look now at the Fuel Pull meal (FP). This meal will be centered around lean protein ...

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The low-carb, low-fat Fuel

Oct 11, 2022


Are you ready to learn about a fuel you can eat that won't kick your body out of fat-burning mode?


Meet the Fuel Pull!


A Fuel Pull (FP) meal is going to be low calorie and low fat.

This fuel is delightfully neutral. You can even start your meal as an FP and add carbs to convert it to an E (energizing) meal or add fats to make it an S (satisfying) meal.


The FP foods can balance out meals that have a heavier calorie load and they are very weight loss friendly.


But, be very careful that you do NOT abuse your use of the FP meal. 

Remember, we are not going to deprive our bodies of good fuel. You need to switch out your fuels to see healthy, sustainable weight loss. 


Fuel Pull meals still start with a protein foundation. Choose a lean meat like chicken breast, lean deli meat or lean turkey (check all labels to make sure your choosing low fat & low carb). Egg white are a perfect FP fuel along with low fat dairy options. 


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Get your Energy back

Sep 27, 2022


Are you ready to get Energized?


Let’s continue to learn about the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. This is the best eating plan that you can follow for your health, hormones, and fat loss especially if you are over the age of 40. Mid-life weight can be very difficult to shed because you are dealing with shifting hormone levels. The best plan for you to follow is the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating because it will bring your blood sugar levels under control and allow your body to heal and release stubborn weight.


I taught you earlier about Satisfying meals that are centered around good healthy fats; now let’s look at Energizing meals. 


E meals are Energizing meals. When we create E meals our focus turns away from fats and toward carbs. Carbs give us the energy that we need. Carbs are basically glucose and our bodies need glucose in the right setting and at the right time.


Healthy carbs are metabolism revving and healing to our...

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Ready to lose weight?

Sep 20, 2022


I’ve tried a lot of diets and eating plans over the years and FINALLY found the best eating plan to follow for the woman in her menopausal years. In fact, this is how I fuel my body


Not all eating plans are the same and when your hormones start to shift you have to get extra creative to dial in your eating to see weight loss. Especially in your midsection.

This eating plan is called “Trim Healthy Mama” but you don’t have to be a mama to follow it! 

All you need are the basic guidelines on how to best fuel your body at every meal. Let me walk you through what a hormone-friendly weight loss eating plan looks like.


Are you ready to Get Your Trim On??

I'm here to teach you the basics of how to eat in the best way for the over 40 body.

You’re going to base your meals on fuel types. So it's important that you understand what the fuel types are. 


We're talking carbohydrates, we're talking fats, and we're...

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Boost Fat Burning

Aug 30, 2022

Do you have some super-friendly fat cells hanging out in places you don’t want? 


I know you’ve been told to starve those fat cells and exercise the heck out of them but what if that advice doesn’t actually work? 


Let’s look at the best ways you can shrink those fat cells while boosting your metabolism.


>Exercise the right way 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to increase fat burning even at rest. But it is important how you exercise during this season. No more than 2-3 intense workouts per week for a total of around 40 minutes is the recommendation for Wise Women. Too much intense exercise can cause what the body perceives as stress and increase cortisol levels (fat storage). Protein after a workout is essential for muscle repair and blood sugar stabilization. Along with HIIT (low impact counts), strength training is important for reducing bone loss and increasing muscle mass which increases fat...

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