Lisa K's Transformation

transformations Feb 09, 2020


December 2018 I made a decision that has changed my life. I had just turned 60. I have thyroid issues, lupus, chronic sinus issues and asthma. I hurt and felt miserable and really didn’t think I could lose weight. I had the trim Healthy books, had made some recipes but hadn’t fully followed. I first made a commitment to get off sugar. I also looked through the coaches online but didn’t find what I was looking for.
Then in January 2019 I listened to the post and Kris Perkerson Honeycutt was on talking about coaching. I felt God lead me to contact her. I followed that lead and on January 24 I had my first call.

It has been a year! I’ve gone from a size 18/20 in pants and 2x in tops to size 10 pants and M/L in tops. I’ve lost around 65 pounds. I feel so much better and can be active again.

I still have about 30 pounds to go. I’m so very thankful for this way of eating; for Pearl and Serenes research and commitment to clean products and for all...

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Superfood Nut Bars

recipes snacks Feb 09, 2020

1 cup raw or roasted almonds
1/2 cup coconut
1/4 cup of cocoa powder or Cacao
1 T Baobab
1/4 cup Pristine protein powder or collagen
1/2 cup Gentle sweet (finely ground)
1 tsp salt
4 T water
1/4 cup Nut or seed butter
1/4 cup Coconut oil
1 T MCT oil
1/2 cup Lily’s chocolate chips

Put all dry ingredient into a food processor and pulse 3-4 times to mix ingredients.
Add the rest of the liquid ingredients and mix until you can press the dough into balls.
Make as balls or bars in a 8x8 dish.
Press chocolate chips into the top and freeze for 30 minutes.


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Slay the Holiday! 5 Tips to stay on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan during the holidays

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2019
Head Coach Kris Honeycutt


It is the holiday season and it’s time to get your game face on. Everywhere you look you see cookies, fudge, mashed potatoes, pie and more.

They are calling your name! And you know what? You don’t have to answer. Really, you don’t.

If you’ve been on plan for a while, you’ve come so far, my friend. Why sabotage yourself now? This goal is important and you have invested time and money into staying on track.

If you’re just starting out and want to get through the Holidays without gaining the extra holiday pounds and avoid the ill effects of junky eating: “Good on you Mate!” as Pearl and Serene would say.

Yes, it can be done.


You may be thinking, “How? It’s so hard to resist all those treats and holiday comfort food...they’re everywhere!”

Be encouraged! Not only is it possible to enjoy Trim Healthy holidays, but it’s much more doable than you think.

I am giving you my...

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