From Perfectionism to Progress: Get Free from Weight Loss Pitfalls

Jan 17, 2024 


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I want to talk about something that might raise an eyebrow or two – planning for failure. 


I can almost hear you saying, "Coach Kris, why on earth would I want to plan for failure? Isn't that counterproductive?"


Well, stick with me, and let's unpack why it's not just okay but crucial in our journey to wellness.


The Mindset Shift: Redefining Failure

Often, the fear of failure looms large when we start on a wellness journey. 


We question if we can truly show up for ourselves, especially when past attempts have left us feeling defeated. 


But what if we shifted our mindset and saw failure not as a dead-end but as a stepping stone? 


While talking to women in midlife, I often encounter the unspoken fear of failure. 


There is uncertainty if this time will be any different. 


Here's the thing – we need to make peace with failing. 


It's not about quitting; it's about understanding that missteps are part of the process. 


Remember, failure is not fatal unless you decide to throw in the towel.

Why Do We Fail? Unveiling Six Common Reasons

Let's jump into the nitty-gritty of why we stumble on this path. 


  1. Perfectionistic thinking
  2. All-or-nothing mentality
  3. The fear of failure
  4. Avoiding discomfort
  5. Emotional and stress eating 
  6. Being unprepared


These are the usual suspects. If you find yourself nodding along, you're not alone.


Did you know? According to the dictionary, failure is the omission of expected or required action.


 Seems straightforward, right? 


But it's the meaning we attach to it that can make it feel heavy.


Do you see it as a temporary setback or as a label that defines you?


Understanding this distinction is the key to transforming your weight loss journey in your midlife season.


Expecting Failure: A Key to Success

Let's make a radical shift in perspective – let's expect to fail. 


Sounds counterintuitive? 


But it's not about resigning to failure; it's about acknowledging that discomfort and imperfections are part of the package deal. 


Healthy habits take time to build, especially when it comes to midlife wellness.


Your vision should be your guide. 


Envision your future self – healthy, confident, and thriving. 


Hold onto that image, especially in moments of setback. 


Picture yourself making choices aligned with that vision. 


Your compelling reason for starting on this journey becomes your guardrail against temptation.


Proactive Steps for Success

Now, let's talk action. 


Identifying patterns and triggers is crucial. 


Is perfectionism pushing you to extremes? Adopt non-negotiables. 


Tell yourself, "In three hours, I'm back on track." 


Aim for 80%, not perfection. Small positive changes accumulate over time, like investing in your health bank account.


Truth-telling is a powerful practice. 


Excuses like "I'll start Monday" or "I've always been this way" don't serve you. 


The truth may be uncomfortable, but it sets you free. 


Remember, the journey to wellness is about progress, not perfection.

The Power of Vision: Envisioning Your Future Self

Let's get real and ask, "Why do I fail at weight loss?" 


It's a question many midlife women grapple with. 


The answer lies in understanding your unique patterns and triggers. 


Knowledge is your ally. Awareness is the first step towards change.


Consider kindness as your secret weapon. 


Recall a time you showed grace to a friend in their struggle. Now, extend that same grace to yourself. Forgive, shake off the shame, and get back on track. Treat yourself like you would treat your dearest friend.

Practical Steps: Planning and Preparation

Planning for success involves anticipating pitfalls. 


What are your potential stumbling blocks, and how can you navigate them? 


Adjust your expectations, rehearse your compelling reason daily, and be kind and compassionate to yourself in moments of failure.


Adjust your sails when life gets stormy. 


Acknowledge that the journey might take longer than expected, but that's okay. 

Failure is not a destination but a detour. 


The continuous journey towards a healthier, happier you involves planning for success, navigating setbacks with kindness, and embracing your unique path.


Remember, your journey is your own, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. 


Connect with others, share your experiences, and keep the conversation going. 


Reflect on your journey. 


Celebrate the progress, learn from setbacks, and move forward with newfound wisdom. 


The path to wellness might be challenging, but with the right mindset, proactive steps, and a dash of kindness, you're not just planning for success; you're living it.


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