Simplifying Success: How to avoid Meal planning mistakes

Jan 10, 2024 


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Ready to be bored to tears?

At least, I feel like you may be, but in the vein of staying real and showing you how to eat to lose weight in midlife….and keep it off.

Here’s a day in the life of my meals.


I am living proof that simple, boring systems do well to bring joy to your daily meals. Let’s explore the art of simplifying your meals so you are successful in midlife, lose extra weight, and boost your health to feel well. I’ll show you how to use practical strategies and keep meals simple yet incredibly satisfying.


The Power of Systems Over Goals

Picture this: a life where making healthy choices becomes second nature. It all starts with the realization that systems trump goals. Setting a goal is excellent, but without a system, reaching it can be a challenge. Years ago, I worked to build a habit of creating healthy yet easy meals for my family and myself. And I...

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Drama-Free Meal Preparation

Mar 01, 2023


There is a lot of resistance about this topic of meal prep and menu planning and because I've been coaching women for several years, I know this is a BIG issue.

First, I want to address this with our mindset. Allowing your brain to tell you how hard this process it, or that you don't have enough time or that you don't know what to fix is not helpful. All those negative thoughts will not help you create a plan that you can sustain. 


When you think those negative thoughts, it brings up the feelings of dread, which then makes you procrastinate, when you procrastinate, you really don't get anything done. And you don't really start or give yourself the opportunity to make good choices. 

What you need to have is a good mindset around preparing and prepping. 

So first, I want you to take some time, and really start cultivating some helpful thoughts, some thoughts like - “Wow, even though I don't love prepping and planning, this will set me up...

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How to Stay On Plan (the Trim Healthy Mama way)

Sep 06, 2022

Successful people are people who have learned to fail without making themselves into a failure.


Learn to stay on your THM journey with these 6 keys:


Mindset: First, start with believing that you can, even if you have not proved it to yourself yet. Here’s the deal, if you believe that you can’t then you won’t. But, if you are willing to believe that you can eat the Trim Healthy Mama way, your brain will go to work trying to prove it. 

Action Step: Each day begin saying to yourself, “I am the girl that can learn to be consistently on plan. I believe that I can.” Don’t let that old story that you tell yourself run the show.


Be Prepared: Set yourself up for success, keep THM foods, desserts, snacks, and meals on hand to make it easier for you to stay the course. Preparation is key. 


Keep it simple: Do THM your way. What is working for you? What can you sustainably do right now? 


Give yourself lots of...

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