Feminine Freedom Path

The successful path to lasting fat loss,

hormone harmony, and being

done with dieting. 


In this 12-month program, you will go from feeling confused about what to eat in midlife and how to lose weight while your hormones are going crazy to experiencing consistent and sustainable weight loss with strategic food choices so you can be trim, confident, and ready to live your best second half, step by simple step.


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You're done with struggling over midlife weight gain

Now it's time to get the keys to weight loss freedom

You have the power to unlock fat loss and the determination to not quit.


But what comes next when...

You don't know what to eat and when to eat it.

You continue to self-sabotage all of your efforts. 

Exercising does not equal weight loss.

You feel like your hormones are out of control.




You're ready to cut out any obstacle that is standing in the way and you only want what has been scientifically proven to work.


You need the actual steps that lead to weight loss victory.


The truth is...

This is the EXACT struggle that women over 40 face right before their huge weight loss success.



Enroll in my 12-month Midlife Weight loss program - Feminine Freedom Path


✔ Lifetime Access to the 5-step Feminine Freedom Path, the unique and practical approach to sustainable midlife weight loss and vitality ($2,997 value)


✔  Monthly Strategy calls with Coach Kris ($1200)


✔ Twice-a-week Hot Seat Zoom Group Coaching Calls for a full year ($7547 value)


✔ 1-year Access in a Thriving Freedom Sister Community ($247 value)


 Plus these bonuses: 

👉 12 Week “Get Strong in Midlife” workout program ($197 value)


👉 Trim Healthy Wise Woman Foundational Course ($147 value)


 👉 Interactive Menu Planning Session ($97 value)

Embracing food freedom is the only option because being stuck on a dieting "rollercoaster" will never give you the health you need. 


It's a way for you to create total freedom in your health.

Freedom from dieting and feeling like crap.

To allow you to overcome all of these obstacles that are standing in the way of you losing weight and thriving in your midlife season.



No longer will you allow yourself...

To sacrifice showing up for your life, family, and grandkids.

To give up on yourself and your health.

You refuse to allow stalls, obstacles, and roadblocks to be the say-all and end-all.



Simply stated, what got you here won’t get you there…

Willpower, discipline and the next new diet won’t cut it. 

Now you really need the keys to turning your body into a fat-burning machine. 



Food is a direct hormone regulator, so when hormones shift, we must shift as well. Choosing ingredients wisely is the best way to reduce all your symptoms, including that frustrating weight gain.

Dr. Anna Cabeca

But maybe you've been told the "latest" and "greatest" way to lose weight includes...


Spending hundreds of dollars on diet food or prepackaged food.

Exercise more and eat less.

Spend hours with meal prep in the kitchen.

Food restriction or removing carbs.

Fasting, meal replacement shakes - not eating real food.

Over-reliance on supplements to control symptoms.


Yikes! 🤯

It's easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

And if, you're like me, then...


1. You want to show up for your family, and grandkids.


2. You want to show your loved ones that transformation can happen at any stage of life.


3.  You're at a powerful place of influence, a turning point in the 40s, where disease sets in.


4. You can’t afford to not do this. You need to enter into this second stage of life positioned to reap all of its benefits.


So how do you really have sustained fat loss and vibrant hormone health in your over-40 body? 


Feminine Freedom Path

The secret to fat loss, hormone health, and feeling confident in yourself in your over-40 body.

It's how I've been able to help thousands of women take control of their health and:


Have sustained fat loss


✔ Optimized hormones so you feel like yourself again


✔ Freedom from dieting


✔ Feel healthy and energetic 


✔ Confidence in what to eat


✔ Keys to being consistent and confident in your plan


"I nervously tried on a pair of pants and they easily went above my hips 😳 buttoned 😁 and zipped up with a SIDE ZIPPER🥳🥳! They aren’t loose enough to be comfortable or appropriate but N E X T summer...🤩"

"High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, clogged arteries, heart attacks, etc are issues on both sides of my family. But today I got the best cholesterol panel I’ve ever got. I got it down a few years ago but this is next level."

"I’m down 12 stinking pounds!!! What!! So cool to see the progress despite my struggles. Dedication to get back in the groove is paying off."

Fuel for maximum fat loss in

Feminine Freedom Path

Here is everything you get as a member

Private Coach Strategy Call

Be able to have a one-on-one deep-dive conversation with Kris about how to get the most out of this program and onto food freedom without delay.


 Group Coaching Calls

These calls are a crowd pleaser. Come together as a group and learn how to implement cutting-edge information on hormone balance, correct exercise, and mindset shifts that set you up for success.

Course Curriculum

My 5-step unique and effective approach to sustainable midlife weight loss and vitality. This is the "nuts and bolts" of the program. You'll learn everything you'll need to have major fat loss, balanced hormones, and exercise in a way that makes the biggest impact.

Accountability Call

 Like a drink of cool water, this call is to connect with Coach Leslie on where you are on the journey. This is where you get to discuss the areas you need help in or if you are struggling and need a sounding board with positive feedback. You will come out feeling encouraged and refreshed. 


Private Online Community

The party is here! Come and bond with an amazing group of ladies that are affectionately called the Freedom Sisters. Here you can ask questions and share victories. Be a part of this very active community of weight loss winners.  


Nurture Emails

Receive content that you resonate with: tips and tricks, amazing testimonies, mindset shifts to help you crush your goals, and cutting-edge information from hormone research that will allow you to make important decisions.

"Get Strong" Workout Program

Created for women in midlife and led by Coach Kris. You get 12-weeks of guided workouts.


"Down 13lbs and 7 inches!!!!!!"

"So down 13.3 pounds


18.75 inches less of me!!!!"



8 lbs down 🤗

Feminine Freedom Path is your plan for losing that stubborn weight for good.

1. Eliminate Food Confusion

When you know what to eat for fat loss, and hormone health… your ½ way there, step 1 leaves you feeling confident, hopeful, and strategic!

2. Create A Targeted Fat Loss Plan

 Master specific foods for hormone balance, blood sugar regulation, and insulin sensitivity turning on your body’s fat-burning potential.

3. Dial in Healthy Habits

 Learn the five crucial lifestyle factors that influence fat loss/gain and hormones.

4. Harness and Empower Your Hormones  

Support the main hormones that affect weight loss or gain, your mood, sleep, and energy levels.

5. Embrace Your Food Freedom- Be Done With Dieting Forever

Learn the important mindset key that sets you up for lasting weight loss.

And inside Feminine Freedom Path, I’ll walk you through it step-by-step.


 The path is 10x easier with these bonuses...



12-Week Exercise Plan

🗓️Interactive Meal Planning Session

📞 Monthly Strategy calls with me.


Trim Healthy Mama Foundational Course

Enroll Now

Empowering my hormones + Fueling for maximum fat loss has completely changed how I live my life.

Hi, I'm Kris, the head coach of the Certified Trim Healthy Mama Coaching Program, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Nutrition Specialist.

And I'm proof that the system works because I'm living it.


After struggling with weight fluctuations since I was a teen, the Trim Healthy Mama system helped me finally heal my body with healthier eating habits. 


Then after 10 years on the THM plan and birthing nine children, I entered into another season where things went haywire: perimenopause.    


This led me to study how to use the THM lifestyle, exercise, supplements, and mindset management to take control of my hormones and navigate this new season into a healthier life.  


 Now I'm here to support and fast-track you on the road to success using all that I've learned.  

Weight loss is no longer an option, it is a must if you want to be well, feel well, age well, and show up your best you.


 Now, more than ever is the crucial time to:


 Turn your health around for your present and future self.


Be done with dieting


Find your food freedom 


Lose the weight once and for all


Exercise with confidence


Get strong and healthy


Cut through the fad diets, take charge of your health and fuel your body for fat loss and hormone freedom.


Unlock your midlife transformation


If this is something you want too...



Plain and Simple: Feminine Freedom Path Changes Lives and it's Officially OPEN for Enrollment







Best Deal - Enroll Today ➡




Enroll Today - 12 monthly payments ➡
"Down 10 pounds and 10.5 inches so far."
I've lost 20 lbs! 


I hit a 10 inch loss today and am through the roof excited!

Top questions members ask before enrolling...

Q: How much time do I need to invest?

  • 1 -2 Zoom calls per week (2 hours if coming to both)

  • 1- 1½ Prep and plan each week

  • 20 minutes 3-5 times a week on the training

  • Community check-in daily

Q: How fast will I see results?

Every person is different in how quickly they will see results based on hormones, health, and lifestyle factors. Most see results in only a week: they start to feel better and have increased energy. By 6 weeks, my clients usually start seeing weight loss results. 

Q: Will this work for me specifically?

Yes, my 5-step approach is for every woman over 40 because of the strategic fueling, exercising, and lifestyle factors you will be learning.

Q: Will I Get Personal Coaching?

Yes! You will be supported all along your journey. 

Q: Do I need a Facebook account to participate in this program?

No! Our community is not on Facebook. Your content and community are all hosted on a separate app call CIRCLE.

Q: How do I sign up?

Click the "enroll now" button and complete the enrollment form.

Q: What If It's Not a Good Fit?

To make sure this is a good fit, you get a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Q: How long is this program?

You get access to private coaching, group "hot-seat" coaching, and community for 12 months.

You get lifetime access to the 5-Step Feminine Freedom Path course content and all future updates!


Have more questions?

Email me: [email protected]



Still Have Questions? Book a FREE call with Me

 If you're ready for a new way to take charge of your health and unlock your fantastic midlife transformation. Take this life-changing chance...

Feminine Freedom Path is your place to:

Age-Defying Weight Loss


Hormone Balance


Winning Mindset




 I'm here to help

Enroll now and let's make it happen.


I tried THM on my own for several years but never felt I ‘got’ it.
This would lead to discouragement and a half-hearted effort.
It was easy for me to rationalize going off-plan.
I saw a FB post about Coach Kris and her work with hormones.
Dealing with PCOS, hypothyroidism, and other female issues, I thought maybe she could help me.
It was the best decision I made!
Coach Kris gave me a wealth of resources & tools to help me.
She broke down and tweaked my meal plan to help me see weight loss.