Unlock Your Power: Decision-Making Magic for Women Over 40!

Mar 06, 2024



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The Power of Decisions: A Guide for Women Over 40


Unlocking Success Through Decisiveness

In a world filled with health and wellness aspirations, many women over 40 find themselves yearning for powerful results. 


However, "one of the number one things that keeps my clients from getting results" is often the lack of a firm decision-making foundation. 


Today, let's dive into the strategies to help women over 40 make decisive choices and persistently pursue their health and wellness goals.

The Crucial Role of Quality Decisions

Making a quality decision is the cornerstone of success in any journey: weight loss, hormone support, or overall well-being. 


You are 80% more likely to succeed at your efforts when you make that quality decision, but be warned, you need to make this decision often, sometimes daily.


To overcome this hurdle, create a checklist:

  • Define your goal with clarity.
  • Make an unequivocal commitment to your goal.
  • Eliminate wishy-washy language; decide and declare.


Overcoming Indulgence in Confusion

You get to decide what your life is going to be like. 


Without a firm decision, you don’t have a solid path to follow, which opens you up to being pulled in multiple directions. 


Stop this indulgence in confusion by narrowing down your path. 

 Do you want a healthy life?

Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to get your whacked-out hormones figured out?


Combat confusing thoughts by:

  • Acknowledging that it's okay not to have everything figured out.
  • Making peace with the discomfort of uncertainty.
  • Focus on the decision rather than getting bogged down by confusion.

Daily Decision Reminders: The Key to Persistence

Persistence is key, especially in long-term midlife weight loss programs. 


Often, clients may start strong, but old patterns sneak back in. 

Persistence is nothing more than showing up for yourself every.single.day.

This may require alarms on your phone reminding you to check in with yourself. 

Or putting sticky notes on your mirror and office to reaffirm your decisions for better health.


Try this list to stay on track:

  • Schedule daily or weekly check-ins with yourself.
  • Reaffirm your decision to stay committed to your health journey.
  • Identify potential roadblocks and plan how to overcome them.

Unveiling the Power of Compelling Reasons

A compelling reason is a powerful motivator, especially for women over 40 who prioritize others over themselves. 


Midlife is a time to shift away from being all things to all people and make time to take care of and focus on yourself. 


No longer are you needed by toddlers or little ones. Now is the time to dial in your priorities and find the reason compelling you on this journey of weight loss.


To stay focused, create a list:

  • Clearly define your compelling reason for pursuing health goals.
  • Revisit your motivation weekly to reinforce commitment.
  • Acknowledge that taking care of yourself benefits not just you but others around you.

Confronting Challenges: Knowledge, Resistance, and Fear

Understanding and addressing common challenges is crucial for sustained success. 


The only thing keeping you from your results is quitting. 

Fear of failure can’t stop you as long as you keep going. 


Those feelings of failure can come with you as you “fail” your way to success. Fear of failure does nothing more than limit you from reaching your goals. Don’t let it!


Overcome hurdles with these strategies:

  • Adopt a "What if you did know what to do?" mindset.
  • Recognize and counter the brain's resistance to hard work.
  • Embrace failure as part of the learning and growth process.

Develop a Committed Mindset

The final step involves cultivating a commitment mindset. 

If you don’t know what to do, adopt a mindset that you will figure it out.

Your brain will not want to go with you to change habits and behaviors, but you get to bring that “toddler” brain and do those things anyway.


Commitment isn’t a thought - it is an action!


We only know how to do things after we begin; we learn as we go.


“Everything is Figureoutable”


Women over 40 can benefit from the following checklist:

  • Act on commitment, even before the feeling is present.
  • Consciously choose thoughts that align with decision-making and commitment.
  • Persist despite obstacles, viewing the journey as a destination with inevitable stops.

Empowered Decision-Making for Lasting Wellness

By implementing these strategies, women over 40 can navigate their health and wellness journey with empowered decision-making, persistence, and a commitment mindset. 


Your weight loss and health journey in menopause is a lot like going on a trip. 


On the way to your ultimate destination, you experience stops, delays, and getting lost, but it’s all part of your journey. 

Don’t wait until outside influences make the decisions for you. 


Practice aligning with your goals and firm decisions. Keep going, and you will get to where you want to go.


Remember, success lies not just in reaching the destination but in embracing and growing through the journey.


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