Overcoming Setbacks on Your Weight Loss Journey: Lessons from Anne

Apr 26, 2023


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Impossible goals are. the. worst. 


And Anne felt like her health and weight loss goals were…impossible. 


She couldn't stick to the Trim Healthy Mama plan long enough to get traction. So…how was she supposed to find success in health and weight loss?


Hopeless and feeling like she was shoveling snow in a blizzard (she would know, she lives in Canada) - Anne kept trying. Eating on plan but falling off as soon as "life" happened. 


"I did not believe I would be able to find success for my health and weight loss. It seemed completely unmanageable." - Anne


One day, she reached out to me after a mutual friend recommended Feminine Freedom Path, my 6-month Coaching program. 


Her hormone and weight loss struggles made her a great candidate for Feminine Freedom Path. Years of blaming and shaming her lack of commitment...

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Naturally Banish Belly Fat: Simple Steps for a Slimmer Waist & Healthier Life

Apr 19, 2023

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Are you seeking that ray of hope to finally conquer your weight loss journey and maintain a healthier you?


Ready to leave behind the feeling of hopelessness and embrace the chance to shed those stubborn pounds for good?


Let's take the confusion out of this process and get super simple on what works in menopause to shrink your waistline and regain your vibrant health; what you put on the end of your fork everyday matters. Making choices of good foods, whole foods, healing foods, and hormone-supporting foods will bring positive change in your body, but that's not all. Strength training twice weekly is essential to shrinking fat cells and increasing your metabolic rate. But a few more critical areas in your life are needle movers. Once you have created your fat-loss food plan and have a routine for strength training, you can start working on lifestyle factors. ...

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Tackling Menopause Belly Fat with Exercise: A Guide to Strength Training, Workouts and daily Movement

Apr 12, 2023

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Wouldn't life be simpler if losing weight was actually a calorie-in/calories-out math equation? But in reality, eating less and exercising more does not guarantee you lose belly fat. And as you get older, it can create the opposite and cause you to increase in weight and inches instead. So, let's get this figured out. In menopause, your body needs supported hormones and strategic exercising to burn fat faster without burning you out.


A few decades ago, cardio was all the rage. Women couldn't get enough of it and thought this was the magic pill to weight loss. We now have the research to prove this is not true, and excessive cardio is not beneficial for women at any age. But in menopause, you for sure do not need more cardio. 

Let's also clear up the confusion around cardiovascular disease and cardio exercise. Doing one doesn't negate the other. The cause of...

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Menopause, Hormones & Belly Fat: Your Guide to a Leaner, Stronger Body

Apr 05, 2023

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If there's one thing I get asked about by women in the midlife season, it's "How do I get rid of belly fat?" 

I had the same question just a few years ago, and getting the answer was challenging. But thanks to the Trim Healthy eating plan, we have a shortcut to increase belly fat loss without deprivation and dieting.

Today on the podcast, I'll show you a few fundamental changes to make to your meal plan in menopause so you can reduce belly fat and feel better. It's like Trim Healthy Mama 2.0. The same basic principles of protein-centered meals but with a strong focus on your E (energizing) meals over your S (satisfying) meals. Because of declining hormones over 50 and sometimes younger, you need to fuel differently. You need fuel to turn on fat-burning, and as your hormones change, your fueling needs to change too. You can lose the extra belly fat, but you'll need to understand the hormones...

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Weight loss even in Menopause

Mar 29, 2023

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I was sick and I didn’t even know it.

I was a mess. My hormones are out of whack, my energy levels were at an all-time low, and my mindset was toxic. I couldn’t get enough sleep. Day in and day out, I would think about how miserable I was. This, combined with the loss of a close friend and two of my teens struggling with other issues, led to a lot of stress. I was also going through perimenopause, which caused many hormonal imbalances in my body.

I tried to fix myself. I’d exercise, but if I overdid it, it would mess with my adrenals. I tried the Whole Raw diet, but that wrecked my gut. It got to the point where I finally threw in the towel and visited my Gynecologist. She gave me two options:

Either go on the pill, or start taking antidepressants.

I left the building furious and in tears. I couldn’t do that. This led me to a time of heavy study and discussion about hormones, food, and...

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Unlocking the Keys to Consistent Weight Loss for Women Over 40: Strategies for Success

Mar 22, 2023

Why is it so hard to be consistent?


Starting is easy. 


Starting is exciting and new and fresh and so full of hope and possibility.


But doing what it takes to reach the end. Now that can be a real slog.


Starting your Trim Healthy journey is fun! There are so many good recipes to try and new things to learn. 


But then, to see success, you have to keep at these changes until they are a habit. Part of your lifestyle. 


So, I want to share with you what my most successful clients have in common and how they have overcome pitfalls and have learned to be successful on their Trim Healthy journey. 



  1. They made a quality commitment to adopt the plan as a lifestyle. Not a perfect commitment, but an “I am in” day in and day out because they were done with dieting. Done with the mental drama. And they also had people in mind that they wanted to show up healthy for. 


  1. They had to redefine what...
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Trim your Middle with Time-Saving Strategies

Mar 08, 2023

What’s for dinner?

When should I exercise?

How many E meals have I had today?

When am I going to walk?

What should I eat for a snack?

Is this enough protein?

What Trim Healthy fuel should I eat next?


Can you feel your increased heart-rate? Or the sweat beading along your hairline? Maybe you’ve found a nice quiet corner to hide in until all these questions go away.


Has freestyling your Trim Healthy eating plan turned into a recipe for stress?


Do you feel like you might just explode if you have to field one more question or make one more decision?


While we don’t want to live in calorie counting land, living without a plan is a sure recipe for hormonal disaster.


Let’s take a 30,000 foot view to see what is going on in your body when you try freestyling decisions every day.


Estrogen serves as your main hormone to counter cortisol and works as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. 


Cortisol is your primary stress...

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Drama-Free Meal Preparation

Mar 01, 2023


There is a lot of resistance about this topic of meal prep and menu planning and because I've been coaching women for several years, I know this is a BIG issue.

First, I want to address this with our mindset. Allowing your brain to tell you how hard this process it, or that you don't have enough time or that you don't know what to fix is not helpful. All those negative thoughts will not help you create a plan that you can sustain. 


When you think those negative thoughts, it brings up the feelings of dread, which then makes you procrastinate, when you procrastinate, you really don't get anything done. And you don't really start or give yourself the opportunity to make good choices. 

What you need to have is a good mindset around preparing and prepping. 

So first, I want you to take some time, and really start cultivating some helpful thoughts, some thoughts like - “Wow, even though I don't love prepping and planning, this will set me up...

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Hack your Meals and Lose the Belly Fat

Feb 21, 2023


For many of you, the biggest hindrance to following a Trim Healthy Mama fat loss food plan is..the plan?


Not that you don’t know what to eat or how to fuel your body well. 


But the basics of choosing what to eat each meal and then planning it out becomes very complicated and overwhelming.


It doesn’t have to be this way!


Let’s make this easy & brainless. None of us in midlife need to be stressed about feeding our families or ourselves. It is time for you to make a plan for yourself. I know most of you are diligent to make sure your family and work have systems and plans set up, but I bet you don’t always make time to create the plan you need for yourself. 


Your brain might be telling you that this will be hard, or that you don’t need this but we are going to override those unhelpful thoughts. “It’s too hard” limits you, and “I don’t know what I’m going to...

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Protein Guide for the woman in Menopause

Feb 07, 2023
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They don’t call menopause the big “change” for nothing!


There is truly an astounding amount of change that is happening in your body during this time. Changing hormones necessitates changing lifestyle and diet so let’s look at one of the most important things you can focus on every single day.


What you put on the end of your fork is the best place to start when you want better health, supported hormones, and fat loss. And a key change you can make in your everyday diet is to eat enough protein. This is not the time to limit your protein intake but it is a great season to expand the protein you do consume. First, you will choose animal protein, then fish, then choose plant protein options. A lot of the protein choices in this guide can be used for Energizing meals on the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan as long as your...

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