Blast the Belly Fat Bootcamp

Fuel Your Body And Watch Your Waistline Shrink.


A simple yet powerful step-by-step 8-week program that gives you weight loss results without the frustration.


In this course, you will go from feeling frustrated about gaining belly fat to feeling encouraged to see your waistline shrink in a simple, step-by-step way and experience confidence in your ability to fuel your body to fat loss and exercise smartly for your midlife season while building a sustainable fat-loss plan.

I Need This Bootcamp!

If you’re a busy woman past 40, navigating hormonal shifts, and finding weight loss challenging, you’re not alone. You’ve likely tried various diets, felt frustrated, and wondered if anything truly works. 


Blast the Belly Fat Boot Camp is right for you if you want to love your midlife season. You want to lose belly fat and gain more energy. You want to feel stronger because you are strong in body and mind.

This is for you if...

  • You're a busy woman who has tried everything, but nothing seems to work, and now you're wondering if anything works.
  • As you've aged you've struggle more with tiredness, lack of motivation and even fatigue. You're ready to get your energy back and feel like your old self again but better.
  • You are done with diets, and you want to silence the food noise for good. You're ready to stop counting calories and still lose weight.
  • You want to look at yourself in the mirror and feel confident. You are ready to get rid of negative self-talk holding you back.




By the end of this boot camp, you will have...

Fat Loss

Expect to lose pounds and inches and fit into your clothes better.

More Energy

Increase your resting energy baseline and flush out inflamation.

No More Diets

Lose the food noise and manage cravings. You can stop counting calories and still lose weight

Build Muscle

 Revitalize your metabolism and start to exercise with a strategy.


Change your perspective on food and exercise and get rid of negative self-talk that was holding you back.

No Time Wasted

We take the struggle of trying to figure it all out. This boot camp is packed with simple yet powerful information and unlocks fat loss.

I lost 5 pounds and 2.75 inches.
- Tammy, weight loss client


I'm so thrilled to see changes this month!! I am down 4.2 pounds and 6 1/4 inches.
- Megan, weight loss client


I lost 5 pounds. I stayed on plan most of the month.

- Shirley, weight loss client


What’s Inside 

Blast The Belly Fat Boot Camp


Module 1

The Midlife Fat Solution: Rewire Your Mindset for Success

  • This¬†module¬†will help give you the mindset you need to make this sustainable. If you want long-term change, then it is the most crucial step. Here, you will dive deep in into preparing your "WHY," which will help carry you through the rest of the course and year.
Module 2

Ditch the Diet Drama: break Free from Food Frustration  

  • We unveil why our bodies want to hold onto weight as we age, especially in our midsection. You will learn all the factors involved with weight gain and what we can start doing to bring your body back into alignment and shed belly fat.
Module 3

The Protein Prescription: fuel Your Body for Fat Loss


  • Dive into the science, learn the art of protein balance, and embrace the magic of a protein-packed midlife. Here, you will learn how to maintain strong muscles, avoid overeating, and feel fuller longer. Plus, help your body heal, repair and grow new cells.
Module 4

Carbs & Fats Decoded: Find the Right Balance for Fat Loss


  • Don't get stuck in one mode of eating. You will learn how and when to eat carbs and fat. Fueling your body in what it needs to release excess storage of fat. You start to learn the keys to the food balance your body needs.
Module 5

Veggies & Fiber: The Secret Weapons for Shrinking Your Waistline


Activate your body's hidden fat-burning weapon ‚Äď brown fat. Module Five introduces you to tantalizing fruits and veggies that unlock the potential of this metabolic powerhouse. Watch as your body transforms into a calorie-burning machine, propelling you towards that slim waistline.

Module Highlights:.

  • Learn what it means to your middle age body when you eat plenty of fiber
  • Kitchen Hacks to eat more veggies with ease
  • Salads to increase your gut-microbiome
Module 6

Move Strong, Build Strong 


Dial in the exercise that works for belly fat loss after 40. It's time to stop the workouts slowing your metabolism and allow time for rest and repair. In midlife, strength training is the most efficient workout for increasing lean muscle and replacing fat. 

Module Highlights:.

  • Get clear on what works and what doesn't for midlife fitness
  • Exercise plan and videos
  • Guide for fueling before and after workouts to boost your fat-burning

When you enroll during this special, limited-time period,

you’ll get:


Blast the Body Fat Boot Camp
(A $297 Value)


  • 6¬†Midlife Fat Loss Teaching¬†Modules

    These modules are the backbone to weight loss after 40. They are created to help the busy midlife woman get her body to work for her and not against her.


  • 8 Weeks of Support & Coaching

    You can ask all your questions and get the answers you need. Over the course of eight weeks, we will work together through each module and learn how to implement these strategies into everyday life as a Blast the Belly Fat community. 


  • Private Community¬†

    Build the right foundation for your 40+ body's needs with support and commardarie. Easily access your Bootcamp pals on the same platform as the course content.


  • Effortless and Simple Menu Plans

    Life is busy for most of us, so instead of asking you to come up with your own plans from scratch or spend loads of time in the kitchen and money on special ingredients, you'll get several menus with simple recipes, low prep, and hacks to make getting your fat-loss meal ready fast.

Plus, These Bonuses to Help You Stay on Track, Never Give up, and Trim your Waist 


Bonus 1

 2 Live Q&A Sessions with Coach Kris Inside the Blast the Belly Fat Bootcamp Community for Members Only

(A $147 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Don't miss these 2 live sessions, where you can dig deeper into the topics with Coach Kris and ask all your questions. The bonus is that you'll be in a group setting and will get to hear and learn what other people are asking. This is a great place to ask your burning weight loss questions and get the answers you need.

Bonus 2

Trim Healthy plan for the woman over 40 - Foundational Course

(A $97 Value)

What You’ll Get:

A Clear understanding of how to eat in the most optimal way for your body over 40. You will get a video training that breaks down the reasons you may not be losing fat and a PDF menu with easy to make meals for busy women.

Bonus 3

Core Workout Challenge

(A $27 Value)

What You’ll Get:

In this guide, we’ve included specific workouts to help strengthen your core… without doing endless crunches. This guide is designed to help you achieve a tighter midsection, less back pain, and a taller healthier posture.

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I can’t wait for you to join Blast The Belly Fat Boot Camp.

With over 25 years of experience in health and wellness, helping others achieve their health goals is my passion.


I create health and wellness plans for women over 40 who are looking for solutions for losing weight without dieting.
I teach my clients how to eat the foods they love without restricting calories and how to keep the weight off ... for good.


Kris Honeycutt

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