Tackling Menopause Belly Fat with Exercise: A Guide to Strength Training, Workouts and daily Movement

Apr 12, 2023

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Wouldn't life be simpler if losing weight was actually a calorie-in/calories-out math equation? But in reality, eating less and exercising more does not guarantee you lose belly fat. And as you get older, it can create the opposite and cause you to increase in weight and inches instead. So, let's get this figured out. In menopause, your body needs supported hormones and strategic exercising to burn fat faster without burning you out.


A few decades ago, cardio was all the rage. Women couldn't get enough of it and thought this was the magic pill to weight loss. We now have the research to prove this is not true, and excessive cardio is not beneficial for women at any age. But in menopause, you for sure do not need more cardio. 

Let's also clear up the confusion around cardiovascular disease and cardio exercise. Doing one doesn't negate the other. The cause of...

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Get a Boost with Short Interval Training

Nov 29, 2022

Let’s talk about SIT training. 


Have you heard of this?

No, it’s not sitting in a chair.


SIT is Sprint Interval Training.


The studies about SIT say that it is very important for women in perimenopause & menopause to perform.


Why do you need to include Sprint Interval Training?

 #1 - It turns up your body’s ability to burn fat

#2 - Helps with insulin sensitivity and Insulin resistance

#3 - Gets you using more oxygen, burning more calories and burning more fat


The key to SIT is the high-intensity SHORT interval plus recovery.


Your sprint could be on a bike, on a treadmill, in the water, or up a hill. You sprint really hard, get breathless for 8-30 seconds, and then recover for as long as you need to.


A big benefit of SIT will be the improvement of your body composition. It increases lean muscle mass and reduces fat mass in a relatively short period of time. 

SIT helps burn belly fat...

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