The Surprising Reason Exercise is Making You Tired and How to Make it Better

Jun 12, 2024



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Are you really struggling with your weight and energy levels? If so, I wanted to talk a little bit about this phenomenon called exercise intolerance. 


Normally I encourage women to get moving and to do the needle moving exercises like strength training with a bit of HIIT (high-intensity) as well as Sprint interval training plus everyday movement. But sometimes I will talk to a client who is describing that they are exhausted they feel terrible after their workout. They can't just work through it and just get through the workout. This is something that can happen in midlife for different reasons and it's called exercise intolerance.


There can be many reasons for exercise intolerance, but don't hear me wrong, I'm not saying that you're intolerant to exercise because maybe you don't like it. That’s an excuse, but I'm talking about actual physical things that...

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Ultimate Guide to Muscle Building: Tips for Women Over 40

Apr 03, 2024 


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I'm going to discuss the importance of building muscle as we age and its relationship to fat loss, overall metabolic health, and longevity.

I've been a personal trainer for over 30 years, and back in the day, there wasn't much emphasis on women and building muscle. There were guidelines, but it wasn't until I became certified as a menopause fitness specialist and discovered the newer science for women in midlife and beyond that I understood how important, if not the most important, things we can be doing.

Importance of Muscle Building

What I'm learning about muscle is that it is our longevity organ. When we start focusing on building muscle rather than losing weight, fat loss will happen.

Notice I'm not saying weight loss because we lose part muscle and part fat when we lose weight. Diets that are quick fixes or calorie deficit cause massive muscle loss touted as weight loss, and that, my friend, for women...

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Get a Boost with Short Interval Training

Nov 29, 2022

Let’s talk about SIT training. 


Have you heard of this?

No, it’s not sitting in a chair.


SIT is Sprint Interval Training.


The studies about SIT say that it is very important for women in perimenopause & menopause to perform.


Why do you need to include Sprint Interval Training?

 #1 - It turns up your body’s ability to burn fat

#2 - Helps with insulin sensitivity and Insulin resistance

#3 - Gets you using more oxygen, burning more calories and burning more fat


The key to SIT is the high-intensity SHORT interval plus recovery.


Your sprint could be on a bike, on a treadmill, in the water, or up a hill. You sprint really hard, get breathless for 8-30 seconds, and then recover for as long as you need to.


A big benefit of SIT will be the improvement of your body composition. It increases lean muscle mass and reduces fat mass in a relatively short period of time. 

SIT helps burn belly fat...

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Fitmas in July Challenge & HUGE Trim Healthy Mama Sale!

Jul 12, 2022


It’s Christmas in July around here and I have a gift for you - The gift of Fitness!

I’ve got a super streamlined fitness challenge all ready for you and it starts today.

Join my Fitmas in July challenge now!

Each workout is designed specifically for the over 40 woman and I planned out which workout you should do each day to see the best results.

Imagine no longer feeling like you can't find time to exercise.

I'll show how easy it is to add bursts of movement into your day that will make your body feel the difference.



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This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive...

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