The Surprising Reason Exercise is Making You Tired and How to Make it Better

Jun 12, 2024



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Are you really struggling with your weight and energy levels? If so, I wanted to talk a little bit about this phenomenon called exercise intolerance. 


Normally I encourage women to get moving and to do the needle moving exercises like strength training with a bit of HIIT (high-intensity) as well as Sprint interval training plus everyday movement. But sometimes I will talk to a client who is describing that they are exhausted they feel terrible after their workout. They can't just work through it and just get through the workout. This is something that can happen in midlife for different reasons and it's called exercise intolerance.


There can be many reasons for exercise intolerance, but don't hear me wrong, I'm not saying that you're intolerant to exercise because maybe you don't like it. That’s an excuse, but I'm talking about actual physical things that...

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Balancing Act: Work, Life, and Menopause Survival Strategies

Feb 07, 2024 


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Personal Journey and Menopause

Today, I'm going to talk about a personal journey. I won't be following any notes or trying to teach anything specific. I invite you to sit back and listen; you might find echoes of your own story in mine. I'm currently navigating my midlife season at 55, experiencing menopause. Throughout my life, I've often powered through challenges, but now I've realized the importance of listening to my body, especially during this less resilient phase.


Family Crisis and Impact on Well-being

Midway through last year, we faced a family crisis. My son was struggling with a mental illness, leading to sleep disturbances, increased stress, and challenges in maintaining overall well-being. Despite various efforts, including medical support and addressing hormonal imbalances, my energy levels plummeted, and my nervous system remained highly sensitive.


Navigating Challenges and...

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