Energy Boosting Bundle

Jan 24, 2023
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Stock up on these Energy boosting items while they are on sale!


The GuateMama Java coffee is bursting with antioxidants and will give you that gentle boost you need in the morning without contaminants of mold or fungus. This amazing coffee is also certified organic.

Integral Collagen soothes your nervous system and aids in supporting your digestive system. What a great way to start your morning by adding this to your coffee.

Energy in the afternoon can be sadly lacking but when you sip on a cup of oolong you will receive a gentle energy lift while shrinking your fat cells.

Sale prices are good until Thursday, January 26th at midnight.

Shop for your bundle at these great prices. 


Did you know that the majority of disease begins with inflammation and hormone imbalance within the body?

A great way to combat that inflammation is by...

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It's a THM Sale!

Sep 14, 2022

Let it be known that the author of this content is an official THM Affiliate and is earning a percentage off of links used in the above content that may link directly to the THM online store.


I'm excited!

Some of my favs are on sale in the THM store until Thursday (9/15) at midnight.


As we are heading into the winter months you can bet I will be stocking up on lotions & creams.

Try the Luscious Lavender cream before bed or the Orange silk cream is simply delightful.

The decadent Fountain cream is on sale, what a treat for your skin. 


There is so much on sale right now it is hard to even know where to start. 


Be sure to stock your pantry with some of these:

>>shameless crackers

>>oolong tea

>>crispy addictions

and Protein Pleasure cookies


I'd be honored if you use my affiliate link for all your THM shopping needs


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Fitmas in July Challenge & HUGE Trim Healthy Mama Sale!

Jul 12, 2022


It’s Christmas in July around here and I have a gift for you - The gift of Fitness!

I’ve got a super streamlined fitness challenge all ready for you and it starts today.

Join my Fitmas in July challenge now!

Each workout is designed specifically for the over 40 woman and I planned out which workout you should do each day to see the best results.

Imagine no longer feeling like you can't find time to exercise.

I'll show how easy it is to add bursts of movement into your day that will make your body feel the difference.



Have you heard about the HUGE Trim Healthy Mama store sale??

I LOVE Trim Healthy Mama MADE makeup. You have got to try it! Not only is it gorgeous and feels so good to wear but these products are free of the chemicals that can cause disruption to your endocrine system.
Imagine that, you can look beautiful and bless your hormones all at the same time.

This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive...

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Trim Healthy Mama Blow OUT Sale!

Jun 14, 2022

Let it be known that the author of this content is an official THM Affiliate and is earning a percentage off of links used in the above content that may link directly to the THM online store.

 *Sale prices good thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

Set yourself up for success with easy sandwich options

This simple-to-make bread will have you whipping up your favorite sandwiches this summer and make staying on the Trim Healthy Mama plan easy! Stock up on No-Carb Easy Bread while it is on sale. 

Spring and summer are busy times and for me it means baseball games and days at the pool plus vacations and travel. So much to do in so little time.The last thing I want to do is spend time baking in my kitchen, it's already hot enough! 

Shameless Crackers and Protein Pleasure Cookies are super easy to throw in my purse while I'm heading out the door. Keeping Trim Healthy Mama snacks on hand are key to keeping my blood sugar balanced which in turn works to stabalize...

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