The Truth about Detox to Energize your Midlife

Mar 27, 2024  

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Whether navigating midlife challenges or simply seeking ways to optimize your health, I’m sharing valuable insights and actionable tips to support your journey towards greater well-being. Discover how you can unlock better energy and start on your own midlife detox journey today!


I wanted you to have a picture of what's going on with my restoration time and what I'm doing in my tribe membership right now that you might want to do as well. The first thing I want to talk about is my restoration journey. 


Back in December, I ended up having a root canal that was reworked. They had to take the tooth out they had to clean out the root canal; there was an abscess, there was bacteria, and I ended up getting an implant. That took my system way down. I was on...

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Weight loss even in Menopause

Mar 29, 2023

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I was sick and I didn’t even know it.

I was a mess. My hormones are out of whack, my energy levels were at an all-time low, and my mindset was toxic. I couldn’t get enough sleep. Day in and day out, I would think about how miserable I was. This, combined with the loss of a close friend and two of my teens struggling with other issues, led to a lot of stress. I was also going through perimenopause, which caused many hormonal imbalances in my body.

I tried to fix myself. I’d exercise, but if I overdid it, it would mess with my adrenals. I tried the Whole Raw diet, but that wrecked my gut. It got to the point where I finally threw in the towel and visited my Gynecologist. She gave me two options:

Either go on the pill, or start taking antidepressants.

I left the building furious and in tears. I couldn’t do that. This led me to a time of heavy study and discussion about hormones, food, and...

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