The Truth about Detox to Energize your Midlife

Mar 27, 2024  

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Whether navigating midlife challenges or simply seeking ways to optimize your health, I’m sharing valuable insights and actionable tips to support your journey towards greater well-being. Discover how you can unlock better energy and start on your own midlife detox journey today!


I wanted you to have a picture of what's going on with my restoration time and what I'm doing in my tribe membership right now that you might want to do as well. The first thing I want to talk about is my restoration journey. 


Back in December, I ended up having a root canal that was reworked. They had to take the tooth out they had to clean out the root canal; there was an abscess, there was bacteria, and I ended up getting an implant. That took my system way down. I was on antibiotics for over a month, came into contact with Covid and a parasite, and fast forward, not feeling any better after having all those procedures done. By January 1st, I was just hitting a wall. 


So, I started a restoration protocol. I'm not even going to say it was a detox, although I have been doing a detox. It's mainly that I've just been in restoration mode and doing all the things that my body needs. In some seasons, we're focusing on getting more steps, getting more movement, maybe taking Epsom salt baths at night, maybe having a rest each day. But in this season for me, I decided that I'm going to throw the kitchen sink at whatever is going on in my body. 


So, since the beginning of the year, I have been doing all of these things very regularly to help support my body. I have a ground pad that I use every day when I'm working, standing or sitting. I put my bare feet on this grounding pad. Grounding pads are really good at helping reduce inflammation, and it's just like taking a walk outside barefoot, where your feet are in contact with the dirt, and you get the ions from the earth. Very healing and very restorative.


The other thing I've been doing is resting each day, whether it's taking an actual nap or lying down for 20 minutes and reading, but just for some downtime, just to let my body completely rest. 


I’ve also been practicing meditation and something called tapping, which is helpful for my nervous system. It's just one of those breaks in the day when I am intentional about sowing into my physical body and mentally and even working on my nervous system, really trying to give myself as much help as I can to restore.


The last thing that's been a little tricky for me is getting a good night's sleep. This has been so tricky since menopause. I have studied tons on sleep, I teach a lot on this, I help a lot of my clients with their sleep, I do all the things that I tell my clients to do, and a lot of times, most of the time, it does work for them, but for whatever reason, I have not been able to sleep. And like I said, I'm working with my practitioner, we are working on it, we've tried a lot of different thing, and we don't really know what the cause is.


Getting enough sleep is crucial for restoration, so I get in bed at the same time each night as much as possible. 


I'm making sure that there are no blue lights two hours before bed. 

I'm making sure I am not eating right before bed because that can disrupt your digestion in the middle of the night, waking up at the same time every morning and looking at light. 


Those are just some of the things that I'm doing. I've tried sleep aids so far, and none of them have worked very well for me, but I'm just being intentional about getting that sleep because that's when we get our restoration. That's actually when we produce our human growth hormone, and it really helps with lowering cortisol levels and really all the things restoration.


The last thing that I'll say that I've been working on is deep breathing, and this is a practice that I've been incorporating into my day. 

First thing in the morning, I do 10 deep breaths, and on the 10th one, I hold it as long as I can, then repeat that twice. I'm doing that twice a day. 


Lastly, I'll say that I've really enjoyed my infrared sauna. I did splurge and get that for myself last year when I knew that I was going to be going through a dental procedure and needed to detox. 


Plus, I was detoxing from mold. So, there's just been a lot of physical things going on, not to mention being in the middle of menopause, losing my hormones, and trying to contend for muscle and all the things.


I will say that this restoration time, I've really had to focus on it. I have really had to set timers and be intentional, say no to things, and say yes to myself. 


But I will say that I've learned a lot through this time. At first, I felt worse, and I wanted to quit. I was like, 'Why am I doing this if I just am feeling worse?' 


But what I realized was that with that dental procedure and then with some of the supplements that my practitioner had me on, I was actually still detoxifying. And I wasn't using a binder, and a binder is something that you take, kind of like charcoal or something like that, that helps really pull out the toxins and get them out of your body.


I've implemented a couple of other things the doctor, and I have been working on, and then we finally started to have a little light at the end of the tunnel. I've really had to listen to my body. So, I have been using my vibration plate instead of doing heavy lifting right now. 


My whole-body vibration plate has really allowed me to keep moving safely without getting overtaxed and also keep my muscles. I haven't been able to do that without the essentials


I'm going to say that the amino acids have been a game-changer, and they are very important for restoration, detoxification, and building and keeping lean muscle mass. Even though I haven't built any muscle, I have not lost any muscle, and that is amazing because, in midlife, as we stop moving, we start losing muscle mass. So by using the vibration plate and working out on that three to five times a week, and using the essentials, I'm using the essentials twice a day. That has just served me really well in getting that into my daily routine.


I have to say I am having times where I have more energy my body is aching less, although it's still in the process, and I'm going to continue on my restoration journey. But I have been able to add back in a couple of things, like playing pickleball, adding pickleball a couple of times a week, and having a little bit more endurance than I have before. But I'm still working on this very much and listening to my body and what it needs.


The next piece of this that I want to bring in is detoxification. There are different levels and layers of detoxification, and I'm not talking about a heavy metal detox here, a parasite cleanse, or anything like that. I'm just talking about supporting your body and your liver so that your liver can do what it's supposed to do.


And I'm going to bring you nine practical things that you can utilize to support your liver. It is very important, not only for detoxification, but especially in midlife when hormones are out the door, our liver can get very sluggish, and we can start storing toxins in our body, and we actually store them in our fat. 


It can also keep us from losing weight if our liver is overburdened and is working too hard; our body will not release fat and not release weight. 


So, this month, in my tribe membership, I am doing a gentle, trim healthy cleanse. I'm not doing anything crazy like a juice fast; I don't think that's the best way to do it. I am just utilizing real whole foods, herbs, spices, teas, and different practices to help love on my liver.


I'm going to give you nine things that you can probably have in your refrigerator or in your cabinet that you can start putting into your diet on a daily basis to help with your detoxification. 


And I will say this: the three main things you need to be doing is you need to be peeing, pooping, and sweating if you want to detoxify. Those are the three things that you want to make sure are happening.


These things right here can help you with that. 


So, these are mainly foods. 


Fatty fish is going to help fight inflammation and it's going to help with liver enzymes. That's going to be salmon, mackerel, and sardines. 


Oatmeal is good for your liver it's high in fiber. Fiber is important for detoxification and for the gut microbiome, and it also reduces inflammation.


Non-starchy veggies: Broccoli and spinach are the two queen veggies here. They help reduce inflammation and support the liver well. 


Nuts, especially almonds, which are high in vitamin E, will also provide those antioxidants and, again, reduce inflammation. 


Berries contain polyphenols, which also help our body detoxify and protect our liver. Berries also naturally raise GLP1.


Grapefruit and citrus fruits neutralize toxic substances and also support detoxification and reduce inflammation. 


Dandelion tea or greens—the same thing—will really support that liver. 


Here are some spices and herbs to use that promote detoxification and pull out heavy metals: cilantro, oregano, rosemary, turmeric, cinnamon, and garlic. 


Coffee—believe it or not, coffee is helpful in detoxifying the liver and reducing fat buildup in the liver. 


Now, when we're talking about elimination, you want to make sure that you're getting enough fiber, and all these things contain fiber. 


You also want to make sure that you're hydrating. Water is essential, so make sure you get at least half your body weight in ounces, your healthy body weight in ounces, and then sweating. 


What do you need to do? You need to get moving. You want to sweat, if you have an infrared sauna, but you want to get that heart rate up, and you want to sweat. Sweat is good.


All of these things can help support your liver. 


In my journey of restoration, I'm so looking forward to this month of April because every day, or actually every week, I have a focus food that I'm using to help with detoxification, along with some of the other practical things like dry brushing, which is helpful for my lymphatic system. 


And if you have a rebounder or a vibration plate, same thing. Epsom salt baths is beautiful to help support detoxification. 


So, in sharing this information about my journey, I hope to encourage those of you who are in a similar season of life. 


You don't just throw everything out because you're feeling terrible, or maybe you're just so low energy. It's hard. It was hard for me to move; it was hard for me to create some space for myself. 


I want to encourage you to do the same, even just taking time for deep breathing twice a day, maybe it's going for a walk two or three times a day for 10 minutes, maybe it's taking a hot bath each night or spending some time journaling.


But I want to encourage you guys to listen to your body. It's always talking to you and to invest in yourself because you are worth it. 


You deserve to feel vibrant and alive, no matter what stage of life you're in. So, let's commit to prioritizing our health and well-being, embracing the journey of restoration and detoxification, and reclaiming our vitality one step at a time.


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