Ready to get good at Juggling?

Oct 25, 2022

Trim Healthy Mama is not about obsessing or number counting. But having a few guidelines can help you bring your eating into balance. This can be especially important if you have gotten confused with all the chatter around about what you “should” and “should not” eat.


Your body craves balance. Blood sugar balance, fat balance, and carb balance.


With Trim Healthy Mama, you will bring your body into a place of healing and balance so it can release fat. You do this by cycling your fuels. Choosing a fat focus fuel (S-Satisfying) means you add healthy fats to your protein-focused meal but keep your carbs very low. A carb-focused meal (E-Energizing) is focused on a lean protein with added healthy carbs. Both meals should include good amounts of non-starchy veggies. Read here for a refresher on your fat & carb number guidelines.


Let’s take a look now at the Fuel Pull meal (FP). This meal will be centered around lean protein ...

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The low-carb, low-fat Fuel

Oct 11, 2022


Are you ready to learn about a fuel you can eat that won't kick your body out of fat-burning mode?


Meet the Fuel Pull!


A Fuel Pull (FP) meal is going to be low calorie and low fat.

This fuel is delightfully neutral. You can even start your meal as an FP and add carbs to convert it to an E (energizing) meal or add fats to make it an S (satisfying) meal.


The FP foods can balance out meals that have a heavier calorie load and they are very weight loss friendly.


But, be very careful that you do NOT abuse your use of the FP meal. 

Remember, we are not going to deprive our bodies of good fuel. You need to switch out your fuels to see healthy, sustainable weight loss. 


Fuel Pull meals still start with a protein foundation. Choose a lean meat like chicken breast, lean deli meat or lean turkey (check all labels to make sure your choosing low fat & low carb). Egg white are a perfect FP fuel along with low fat dairy options. 


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