Do I have to count carbs?

Oct 18, 2022
You can learn a lot about what you are putting into your body by simply taking a moment to read the labels on packages. 
Let’s get super clear on what you are looking for when you read those labels. <<Click for a helpful guide
When you are putting together an S (Satisfying) meal, you will be focusing on fats anchored by protein but limiting carbs. Your carb count should not exceed 10 grams for an S meal. You will not count the carbs in non-starchy vegetables, those are freebies!
For an E (Energizing) meal, your focus is to anchor your lean protein with healthy carbs. You may include starchier vegetables and will keep your carb amount 45 grams or less. Watch your fat amounts with this meal and keep the fat amount 5 grams or less.
If you find that a regular E meal is a bit more carbs than your body likes, feel free to rotate out with a pulled-back E meal. Take your carb amount down to 12 grams instead of 45 grams. 
Please don’t get stuck on these numbers. Do your best as you keep learning how to fuel your body well. 
I encourage women in midlife and beyond to enjoy and appreciate E meals and include at least 2 E meals in your daily meal rotation. Your hormones will appreciate these gentle carbs and the energy they bring.
Sustainable weight loss and maintenance are all about balance. Limiting fats heavily all the time or carbs all the time is not a blessing for your body. 
Slow and Steady wins the race!


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