It's Time To Make Remarkable Weight Loss Results Last.

Easily Make Yo-yo Dieting A Thing Of The Past.


You can sustain a healthy weight, find food freedom

and experience vibrant health.  


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It's Time To Make Remarkable Weight Loss Results Last.

Easily Make Yo-yo Dieting A Thing Of The Past.


You can sustain a healthy weight, find food freedom

and experience vibrant health.  


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Are You struggling to lose weight or keep it off...

Do you feel hopeless, like you will never get the excess weight off and keep it off?
Do you struggle with negative thought patterns that keep you on again and off again?
Do you feel overwhelmed and confused when thinking about starting Trim Healthy Mama?

Whether you are just getting started with Trim Healthy Mama a veteran, or somewhere in between, this is your tribe!

Are you stuck in your Trim Healthy weight loss journey now that you’ve hit menopause?


Discover the keys to unlock your fat-burning potential - even in your midlife season.


In Tribe, You Will


🖥️Get monthly training from Coach Kris so you can boost fat loss in midlife.


🍽️Hormone-friendly Trim Healthy Mama Menus so you can lose even the most stubborn weight. 


⚒️An all-access pass to curated resources and tools in the TRIBE membership content at


🎓LIVE Q&A sessions with Coach Kris each month so you get realtime solutions to your everyday problems.


✨A supportive Facebook community full of like-minded people to ask questions and share wins.
📱Connect with other women in Marco Polo groups made just for you!


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Here's what our Tribe members are saying...

It took several months but I stuck with the Trim Healthy midlife plan to lose the extra weight. 


I followed Coach Kris’s guidance for hormones and eating in menopause and reduced my inflammation.


Now I have better health and more energy.

Kelly Gardner

In January 2022 I felt absolutely horrible!

I was soooo tired and felt like staying in bed all the time.

My body ached and my joints hurt.

I had had enough and knew I needed to do something drastic...

I joined GYTO.

I soaked in everything and worked so hard.

I was focused. My health didn’t change overnight but it did start to change.

The peri-menopause weight that I had sadly accepted started to come off.

The achiness went away.

My joints started feeling better.

Now 8 months later I can’t believe how much better I feel!

Christine Masters

 I am thankful for before and after pictures and measurements because my mind gets blinded and I can't "see" the weight loss, every time I look back and do the collages and measurements I am amazed at the difference and my mindset gets reset!

Mindset is such a huge part of choices and progress.

One more thing, the accountability of checking in every day has helped me so much...making myself write out and reflect on what I ate the day before AND knowing when I am eating I will be accountable for it.

I encourage you to make the choice to be accountable!

Jennifer Anne Booth

Down 11.8lbs and 17ins

I'm down 3 inches in my waist.
I lost 1/2 inch in my waist.
Down 2 pounds and 4 inches.
I’ve lost 3 pounds!!!!
I’ve eaten more E meals.
The scale & tape are finally showing some progress! I'm learning so much about this season of life (67yo).


I finally reached one-derland!!! Monthly measurements this weekend. THANK YOU!

Tribe Membership will give you the vital steps to burn belly fat during menopause.


Learn the latest research and scientific evidence behind menopause and weight loss.



Get daily exercises and learn how to preserve your muscle mass and keep your metabolism revved up.



Learn the vital reasons you can't lose and how to get unstuck and start losing weight.


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I understand how hard losing excess weight in midlife can be.


Maybe you’ve been a Trim Healthy Mama for years but now your clothes are tighter and you don’t feel good.


You’re not alone!


You CAN lose weight in midlife and beyond.


Get a proven framework to turn fat-burning ON so you can shed weight for good and love the way you look.

>> Join Tribe - your Trim Healthy community for women in midlife


>> Get your Monthly Plan - your midlife framework for weight loss


>> Start losing weight - get strategic coaching so you can unlock weight loss in menopause and beyond!

At Get Your Trim On I know you want to be a trim, healthy, strong woman.


To do that, you need to be confident in what to eat and the plan to follow to lose weight in your midlife.


The problem is excess midlife belly fat and clothes not fitting anymore, which makes you feel frustrated that nothing you do seems to work.


I believe midlife isn’t a time to suffer but is a season of growth & opportunity to build strength, support your changing body, and find a new you.


The struggle is real and what you are told is confusing but let me tell you  - you aren’t going crazy!
I know how hard it can be to nourish your body in midlife. The fad diets you’ve tried work against your midlife body.


This is why as a Trim Healthy Coach, I’ve created a midlife framework to target stubborn belly fat so you can feel healthy, lose weight, and be strong. 


Here’s how we do it: 
>Get clear on how to eat for midlife< 
>Show you how to tweak Trim Healthy for your menopause season<
>Give you the Key lifestyle factors to get weight loss results<
So join Tribe membership! 


In the meantime start visualizing a new and slimmer you so you can stop quitting on yourself and instead imagine how you would feel to slip into a smaller size, cinch your belt a notch tighter, have energy all through your day, and confidently fill your plate knowing each bite supports your shifting hormones.





  • Get complete access to Tribe Membership for $47 per month
  • Facebook Community
  • Membership Portal
  • Menu Planning Templates
  • Twice-monthly live Q&A with Coach Kris
  • LIVE workout on Zoom
  • BONUS mindset training




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  • Get complete access to group coaching for 10% off the FULL PRICE
  • Facebook Community
  • Membership Portal
  • Menu Planning Templates
  • Twice-monthly live Q&A with Coach Kris
  • LIVE workout on Zoom
  • BONUS mindset training




Best Deal!

  • Get complete access to Tribe Membership 20% OFF the Full Price!
  • Facebook Community
  • Membership Portal
  • Menu Planning Templates
  • Facebook Live Q&A
  • Monthly Topical Masterclass
  • LIVE workout on Zoom
  • BONUS mindset training. 


But fair warning, Tribe Membership is not for everyone.

Tribe is not for you if...

❌ You're looking for a quick weight loss plan.

 You're looking for a diet instead of a lifestyle. 

❌ You don’t want to bother with managing your mind and its negative sabotaging thoughts.

❌You don't have the time it takes to menu plan, do challenges, and participate in the Facebook Live chats.


  As a THM success story and the Certified THM Head Coach, I can help you achieve lasting results by providing you with the support and accountability you need to stay on track. 

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✅ Get complete access to Tribe Membership
✅ Facebook Community
✅ Membership Portal
✅ Menu Planning Templates
✅ Facebook Live Q&A
✅ Monthly Topical Masterclass
✅ LIVE workout on Zoom
✅ plus BONUS mindset training


All with Coach Kris Honeycutt


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2024 is a time to

create weight loss

harmony in your hormones

and freedom from food addiction


Get the 12 Keys to losing weight in midlife without being overwhelmed and confused. 

TRIBE framework gives you the tools to support your over 40 body to release extra weight and create sustainable weight loss.


Join us for:

  • January - Keep it Simple & Sane and learn Trim Healthy for the Wisewoman
  • February - The Power of Protein
  • March - Fats Done Right
  • April- Love your Liver with a Gentle Detox
  • May - Shrink your Belly
  • June - Rev your Metabolism with energizing Carbs
  • July - How to Hack Your Hormones for Better Harmony
  • August - Get control over Emotional/Stress Eating
  • September - How to Sleep So You Lose Weight 
  • October- How to Save Time and Get Slim
  • November - Simplify for More Consistency
  • December - How to Exercise Smartly in Menopause
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