It's Time To Make Remarkable Weight Loss Results Last.

Easily Make Yo-yo Dieting A Thing Of The Past.


You can sustain a healthy weight, find food freedom

and experience vibrant health.  


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Do you feel hopeless, like you will never get the excess weight off and keep it off?
Do you struggle with negative thought patterns that keep you on again and off again?
Do you feel overwhelmed and confused when thinking about starting Trim Healthy Mama?
Whether you are a Trim Healthy Mama newbie or veteran or somewhere in between, this is your plan!

Tribe Membership will give you the vital steps to burn belly fat during menopause.

Learn the latest research and scientific evidence behind menopause and weight loss.

Get daily exercises and learn how to preserve your muscle mass and keep your metabolism revved up.

Learn the reasons you can't lose and how to get unstuck. 

Deep dive into discovering the keys to overcoming the obstacles that have been preventing you from achieving your ideal healthy body.


In Tribe, You Will


🖥️Get monthly training from Coach Kris so you can boost fat loss in midlife.


🍽️Hormone-friendly Trim Healthy Mama Menus so you can lose even the most stubborn weight. 


⚒️An all-access pass to curated resources and tools in the TRIBE membership content at


🎓LIVE Q&A sessions with Coach Kris each month so you get realtime solutions to your everyday problems.


✨A supportive Facebook community full of like-minded people to ask questions and share wins.
📱Connect with other women in Marco Polo groups made just for you!

What is possible in Tribe...

I'm down 3 inches in my waist.
I lost 1/2 inch in my waist.
Down 2 pounds and 4 inches.
I’ve lost 3 pounds!!!!
I’ve eaten more E meals.
The scale & tape are finally showing some progress! I'm learning so much about this season of life (67yo).


I finally reached one-derland!!! Monthly measurements this weekend. THANK YOU!

How It Works





  • Get complete access to group coaching for $47 per month
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Membership Portal
  • Menu Planning Templates
  • 2 Facebook Live Q&A's with Coach Kris

One Payment Of


Best Deal!

  • Get complete access to group coaching for 20% off the Full Price!
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Membership Portal
  • Menu Planning Templates
  • 2 Facebook Live Q&A's with Coach Kris

What's in the Guide:

✅Step by Step help to thrive in stressful times

✅Food and Recipe ideas to support your adrenals

✅Menu guidelines and maker...created for the Trim Healthy Mama in Midlife.

✅Easy to follow workout calendar so you get in fat-burning mode fast.


 Plus, Everything Else Tribe has to offer:

✅Simple steps to tweak Trim Healthy Mama in midlife so you can feel your best.

✅The best ways to exercise to help you lose inches around your waist.

✅Exercise Playlist for menopause fitness.

✅What to do to lose weight in menopause.

✅Question and Answer time Coach Kris

✅Live Workout with Kris


Plus, Bonuses!


  As a THM success story and the Certified THM Head Coach, I can help you achieve lasting results by providing you with the support and accountability you need to stay on track. 

Join GYTO Tribe Membership Now


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