Top 4 Tips that Shrunk my Midlife Belly Fat

Nov 15, 2023 


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When I hit menopause I felt like my body spiraled out of control. Everything fit differently, I lost my waist, and the jeans I grabbed out of my closet wouldn’t even button.


Can you believe this happened to someone consistently eating the Trim Healthy plan and exercising?


So, you might ask, if it can happen to you is there any hope for me?


The answer is yes!


Midlife weight gain and its stubbornness have less to do with eating perfectly and exercising daily than you might think. 


In fact, if you’re in your forties or above, there is a whole bunch of evidence pointing to your hormones being the root cause of extra fat around your belly than anything else.


Weight gain in midlife is not inevitable. 


But what you’ve been doing to lose weight in your twenties and thirties won’t work anymore!



Belly Fat after 50: The Silent Struggle


Your body composition is changing. 


As estrogen declines your fat finds different places to sit. No longer is estrogen bossing your fat to fill out all your womanly places. 


You also are likely to experience an increase in your abdominal vs. subcutaneous fat during this time of hormonal shift. 


Decreased estrogen means a higher comparative androgen (testosterone) level which increases fat distribution to your belly.


Combine lower estrogen with higher cortisol levels and again, your body goes into fat-storage mode. 


Muscle Loss and Midlife Metabolism: Breaking Down the Connection


Aging causes another side effect, muscle loss. 


When you lose muscle you lose the key to your metabolism. Metabolism is your body’s ability to burn calories even at rest. So when you combine less movement (common as you get older) and muscle loss, then you are a victim to a tanked metabolism which makes weight loss even harder. 


You must retain and build muscle to keep your metabolism revved so you reduce the risk of fat increase. 

Fueling Your Fire: Protein's Role in Blood Sugar Stability


When estrogen is low your energy levels take a hit and as we follow the course of this domino effect, you lose blood sugar stability. 


Unstable blood sugar puts you into fat-storage mode and even though estrogen plays a big part in keeping your levels stable, you make a huge difference by eating an ample amount of protein. 


Your best guard against blood sugar fluctuations is to eat at least 30 grams of protein at each meal. 

Aim to provide your body with consistent protein intake spread over your day as opposed to a couple of large hits of protein.


Listen to what Diane learned when she boosted her protein intake -

“I really worked at getting my protein above 100g. (daily intake goal for women in midlife) I had to force myself to drink a protein shake at times. 

Sooo unlike me!

I’ve always been a volume eater and hangry in the evening at dinner time. 

I wasn’t hangry a single day this week!!!”



Stress and Fat Storage: The Cortisol Connection


Another big factor causing increased belly fat is stress. 


Without estrogen to keep your cortisol levels low your body is at the mercy of higher cortisol equaling higher stress. And you thought it was just the full calendar and crazy traffic! 


Poor nutrition, unstable blood sugar, bad eating habits, and little to no movement or too much exercise turn into stress in your body without the protective benefit of estrogen. 


Self-care is more than just spoiling yourself. It is key to help you reduce your cortisol levels so your body isn’t choosing to store extra fat.

In midlife self-care includes a good night’s sleep, daily movement, and deep breathing. 

If you struggle with sleep then here are a few ideas to try: 

  • Allow enough time in bed - don’t stay up so late
  • Work with your circadian rhythm and limit bright lights a couple of hours before bed.
  • Create a bedtime routine that helps you wind down. This might include melatonin, low lights, a hot bath, hot tea, and Magnesium. 
  • Upon waking, look at daylight right away. This helps your circadian rhythm. 
  • It’s really important to get to the root of why you’re not sleeping and work to solve that problem. Sleep is crucial for hormone support.

Walk Your Way to Wellness: Midlife Movement Strategies


Have you noticed yourself being less active as you age? 


It might be due to decreased levels of estrogen.


Estrogen gives you extra energy but as it declines you’ll notice less desire or need to move your body throughout your day.  


This is a contributing factor to gaining belly fat. 


It’s time to increase your daily movement!


You’ve heard it before but parking farther away from a store or taking the stairs instead of the elevator really does matter. 


Start by tracking your normal steps during the day and then focus on adding at least 1000 more steps to that amount over the course of the next month.

So, let’s review.


The exercising and eating plans you found successful in your younger years no longer work for your midlife body. 


This isn’t because you have less self-control or are too busy. 


Nope, it’s because your hormones are in a state of massive change. You are experiencing extra belly fat because you’ve lost or are losing the protective benefits of estrogen.


But that’s no reason to throw a pity party!


Turn your fat-burning on by focusing on these 3 Keys and start your journey to reduce your menopause middle.

  1. Eliminate confusion and fuel your body well.
  2. Boost your metabolism with daily movement
  3. Dial in your cortisol by reducing stress with practical self-care

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