The Truth about Why Protein Is Your Secret Weapon in Menopause

Sep 27, 2023

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Life takes an interesting turn as we hit midlife, especially for women in menopause. It's like solving a complex puzzle, and there's a crucial piece that can make things better: protein


In this post, we'll explore why protein is so important during midlife, especially in menopause. We'll also discover how Trim Healthy Mama can be a fantastic support during this time.


The Role of Protein in Midlife

Why Muscles Matter


Protein is going to help feed, build, and maintain your muscles. 


Declining metabolism due to muscle loss is a big reason we see weight gain, especially in the belly. Think of your metabolism like a furnace, and muscles are the wood that keeps it burning bright. Muscle plays a significant role in our body's metabolic processes. Losing muscle mass is a huge factor in a slower metabolism.


When we reach midlife, hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA start to change. This affects our muscles because their levels drop. 


After thirty, we can lose about two to eight percent of lean muscle mass each decade. That’s a big spread but you are losing muscle mass if you aren’t working to keep it.


Benefits of Enough Protein

Protein: Your Body's Swiss Army Knife


Having enough protein is like having a trusty Swiss Army knife for your body. It boosts your immune system, improves your mood, helps you sleep better, speeds up your metabolism, builds muscle, and even helps produce hormones. 


During menopause, these benefits are like gold, especially for managing those bothersome menopausal symptoms.


Protein is a very important macronutrient you need in menopause and beyond because it helps you keep your muscles!

Did you know you actually burn more calories when you are processing and digesting protein?


You can even see a reduction in debilitating menopause symptoms by getting an adequate amount of protein that your body can absorb.

The Essential Amino Acids

Trim Healthy Mama's Secret Weapon


Meet Trim Healthy Mama's essential amino acids. They are a game-changer and trust me, they don't taste like chalk, unlike some others. 


These essential amino acids are like a hidden superpower. They turbocharge protein synthesis, muscle growth, mood, sleep, energy levels, metabolism, and even heart health. EAA’s can boost mood and energy levels, and help muscle growth and metabolism. 


Optimizing Protein Intake

Variety is the Key to Strength


Let's talk about where you can get your protein. You have plant proteins like legumes, nuts, and seeds. There are also animal proteins like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. 

And don't forget man-made proteins like essential amino acids and whey protein powders. The secret sauce here is variety. Your body loves different protein options, so mix and match.


Don’t rely on one big meal to get your protein needs. Bump up your protein intake across the entire day for the best bio-availability. Animal protein is king for getting all the amino acids but you can utilize protein powders like whey, hemp, and amino acid powders. 


Exercising and Protein

Fueling Your Inner Fire


When you exercise, especially intense workouts, timing matters. Think of post-workout protein as a refreshing drink for your muscles after a workout. 

Aim for at least thirty grams of protein within about thirty minutes after an intense workout. This is your muscle-building window. Whey protein powder, hemp-optimized protein powder, or essential amino acids are great choices. But if you prefer something else, no worries; there's a protein source for everyone.


It’s important to not exercise in a fasted state so I find it best to book-end my workouts with protein. I use half the protein serving before my intense exercise session and half after. 

The key is to get the protein within the 30-minute window to feed your muscle.


In a nutshell, protein isn't just something to think about in midlife, especially during menopause; it's your ally. 

Start your day off right with a good hit of protein at breakfast. Build with your breakfast and get at least 25-30 grams at your first meal. Essential Amino Acids are great to help you hit this protein goal.


Protein consumption affects your mood, your metabolism, your muscle growth, your hormone balance, and even those pesky menopausal symptoms

The Trim Healthy Mama plan, with its essential amino acids and other fantastic products, is like a trusted friend on this incredible journey.



Now that we've unlocked the secrets of protein in midlife and the incredible support provided by Trim Healthy Mama, why not start your own amazing muscle-building journey? 

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Dive deeper into healthier midlife with the Trim Healthy Mama plan, and get ready to embrace this exciting phase of life.


I’ve put together a short guide to help you add Essential Amino Acids to your daily routine for optimal benefits in menopause and post-menopause. Get yours HERE.



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