Powerful Mindset Shift: Reasons Belief Drives Your Midlife Weight Loss

Nov 08, 2023



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Unlocking the secret to weight loss in midlife


Do you know the #1 needle mover exercise for weight loss in midlife? 

Are you ready to feel good again?


A winning and abundant mindset is your key. 


How your mindset is the key to success

Your mindset is like the railroad tracks laid down for the train to ride on and when you’ve got the railroad tracks you can just truck right along. Not without obstacles but you’ve got a path.


Let’s talk today about a mindset of consistency over perfection with the Trim Healthy Mama plan. 


Explore the power of a winning mindset and consistency

What mindset are you cultivating? An abundant mindset looks for possibility. It is a mindset that is pointed in the direction of believing and asking “What if this is possible?”


What you believe, you will create. If you believe you have to be perfect or one hundred percent on the Trim Healthy plan all of the time then you may put yourself into an all-or-nothing mindset. This is not a winning mindset. 


I’m not talking here about an enthusiastic, hopeful, “ready to do what it takes” mindset but more one of perfectionism. If you are telling yourself that you HAVE to be perfect or you HAVE to be one hundred percent on plan to make this work. Those thoughts may cause you to sabotage yourself. When you don’t do your plan perfectly and can’t be ALL in, then you just stop and you aren’t in at all. 


A winning mindset helps you create the results you desire. Your thoughts create the way you feel and how you feel determines how you show up. The actions you take or avoid actually create a result in your life.


If you are creating results you’re not happy with, don’t try changing your circumstances, instead look at your thoughts about this particular result in your life. What are your thoughts about it? Are you in a belief or growth mindset? A what-if or a possibility mindset? Or are you in a sabotaging mindset?


Trim Healthy Mama: Your Midlife Weight Loss Ally

My encouragement to you is to shift your thoughts from “This won’t work” to “What if this does and will work for me.” When you choose to believe that you can or believe this Trim Healthy lifestyle will work for you in midlife then your brain will go and try to find evidence and even create evidence for this belief. Shifting to growth thoughts in menopause frees your brain to take actionable steps to get you further along in your weight loss journey.


Why Trim Healthy Mama Works in Menopause

Trim Healthy works for everyone, including women in pre and post-menopause. You do need to tweak the plan for your time in life but Trim Healthy brings balance and freedom. Choose to focus on food as medicine to your body instead of restricting what your body needs. The fuel separation gets you into fat-burning mode. Single fueling allows your body to burn through one fuel at a time and then move on to burning your own fat stores.


Anchoring your meals in menopause around protein is more important than ever! You need muscle for better insulin, balanced blood sugar, satiety and to inhibit cravings. Including protein at every meal and snack gives your body the help it needs to burn excess fat, help you lose weight, and build muscle. 


Cutting carbs may do you more harm than good in midlife because your body desperately needs the help healthy carbohydrates give. In midlife your estrogen levels are decreasing so eating healthy carbs gives you more energy, helps glucose levels, supports your hormones, aids your thyroid, and takes care of your brain. Your brain has been used to working off of estrogen but as those levels decrease you need the good carbohydrates to keep everything functioning well. 


Good fats especially Omega 3’s are crucial for hormone support, brain support, and overall health.


This is why Trim Healthy works. It brings balance to your eating and support as you move through each season of life, including menopause.


The Winning Mindset: Consistency Over Perfection

Once you’ve cultivated a winning mindset you start to create consistency. Your thoughts were leading you off-plan or to be inconsistent but when you choose to show up and be gracious and patient with yourself and you ditch the thoughts leading to scarcity, you cultivate a habit of consistency.


Consistency is a habit built from a mindset centered on possibilities and hope.

Identify with consistent thoughts like:

“I am showing up for myself”

“I am the girl learning to be consistent”


Building Consistency with Trim Healthy Mama

Once you’ve identified as a woman of consistency then you get to set yourself up for success by creating an environment to support your new habit. What do you need to do to be consistent? Do you need to have a meal plan, do you need to prep foods or fuels ahead of time, do you need to have on-plan snacks handy when you run errands? 


Setting Up Your Environment for Success

You want to be ready with thoughts to cultivate consistency which results in actions to support this habit. Be ready for your day and your meals with a plan so you don’t get stuck or end up caving to fast food.


Here are a couple of things I do each week to help me be consistent:

  • Make an E (Energizing) fuel source for the week (cook ahead lentils, sweet potatoes, quinoa)
  • Make ahead a protein for the week (rotisserie chicken, ground beef, etc)
  • Prep my veggies for the week (veggie hack, Bok Choy, lettuce)


I also make a plan for what I'm going to eat each day. I may not plan out a whole week in advance but in the morning I decide what I’ll have for lunch, at lunch I’ll think about my snack, and then I’ll choose what we’ll eat for supper. 

Mastering Midlife Weight Loss: Your New Mindset

You have the ability to set yourself up to be consistently on the Trim healthy plan so you can lose weight in midlife by having a mindset of success and cultivating your habits to support your mindset.


Responding to Negative Thoughts and Cultivating Consistency

When your thoughts try to derail you, respond with new thoughts:

  • “No, this will work for me”
  • “I can be consistent”
  • “I can get back on the Trim Healthy train in  three hours”


How freeing is that? You have the power to cultivate the habit of consistency. Adopting a new mindset takes practice but if you continue to shift out of the old unhelpful thoughts into a new mindset of hope and patience, you will see results like you’ve never seen before. 

Are You Ready to Transform Your Weight Loss Journey in Midlife?

If you've been searching for the key to sustainable weight loss in midlife, your journey starts with the right mindset. Cultivating a winning mindset, as we've explored in this post, is your ticket to success.


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