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 I was down 11 lbs. this morning from when I started. I also was totally on plan the last 3 days.

Sharon Reiff

It’s a mindset! I’m committing to care for myself. It may not be 100% perfect right now, but I have begun new habits to help me get there. I’m super excited about the wealth of information on Kris’s website and the wisdom she shares in her FB lives.

Karen Schalow Le

Joining FFP, Kris' coaching, has helped me change my mindset. I used to think "I can just never lose weight" and that mindset affect the way I behaves, I may eat a salad, but would then also have off plan desserts. That mindset crippled me, but now 10lbs are already gone. My mindset now is "I will eat what I want, what serves my body" so now I can walk into any bakery and know that it's not my food.

Alice Schussler