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Lisa K.'s Story

In December 2018 I made a decision that has changed my life. I had just turned 60. I have thyroid issues, lupus, chronic sinus issues and asthma. I hurt and felt miserable and really didn’t think I could lose weight. I had the Trim Healthy books, had made some recipes but hadn’t fully followed. I first made a commitment to get off sugar. I also looked through the coaches online but didn’t find what I was looking for.

Then in January 2019 I listened to the post and Kris Perkerson Honeycutt was on talking about coaching. I felt God lead me to contact her. I followed that lead and on January 24 I had my first call.  It has been a year! I’ve gone from a size 18/20 in pants and 2x in tops to size 10 pants and M/L in tops. I’ve lost around 65 pounds. I feel so much better and can be active again.
I still have about 30 pounds to go. I’m so very thankful for this way of eating; for Pearl and Serenes research and commitment to clean products and for all of their encouragement. I am so blessed to have Kris as my coach with her knowledge of THM and to helping me change my mindset. She’s helped me realize I’m not going back to where I was before. I have food freedom!

Jennifer A.'s Story

Joining Kris’s group has been just what I needed to gain support, mental clarity and focus to finally lose the weight. She has helped me do the harder inner work of renewing my mind which was the missing piece in my health journey.


Kristie H.'s Story

In the fall of 2018, I began one-on-one coaching with Kris.  We talked about my schedule, my kids, my likes and dislikes, the mom juggle and more!  Since the time of one on one I have followed her in her FB monthly coaching.  I began (again) my weight loss journey in January 2017. When I reached out to Kris in October 2018 I was pretty much at goal weight, but wanted to learn THM in order to maintain.  Since that time I have maintained my weight loss on the scale and lost several more inches.  Learning THM has been such a blessing.  An enormous amount of new learning has occurred through the process. 
I am proud of my commitment to THM.  I thoroughly enjoy the new learning, new recipes and the new mentality!  My body thanks me for nourishing it instead of just feeding it.  My thoughts, actions and habits are so different from when I began.  I no longer question how to eat.  I keep it simple and just keep falling forward!  By God’s grace, I am a Trim Healthy Mama for life!
Kris Honeycutt has been my coach for years. I love her heart for people. She has this way of helping you push into tough issues while making it inspiring. I have sobbed and laughed with her as I struggled through PCOS, losing a baby, hysterectomy, hormonal weight gain and so much more. All the while she never gave up and nearly demanded I never give up... because that's who she is. I have discovered health begins on the inside. Sometimes you may look the same on the outside but are at your healthiest. It's more than a scale or body size. I have a long way to go, but Kris will be there with me every step of the way - not just as my coach, but as my lifelong friend.

-Kathryn Siefert

Working with Kris during my third pregnancy was the best thing I could have ever done! She was such a huge source of information, support, and encouragement as she cheered me on!! She prayed for me, helped me make better food choices, sent me recipes and gave me grace when I struggled without judging me. That was my best (and easiest) pregnancy out of four!! I’m so thankful for her and her heart to coach and help others along their THM journey. She is truly wonderful and will meet you wherever you are along your journey to weight loss and overall better health!

-Meagan Gough

I have known Kris for 23 years and what she does best is motivate, coach, and train in all areas of life. Your thoughts change and you believe in yourself and anything is possible. What your vision is becoming hers as she leads you simply toward life, health, and the best you can be.

-Pam Fawler

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"This is Kris... aside from Serene and Pearl, she has been doing THM longer than anyone else... about 9 years. (she is a mom of 9 and she probably won't mind us telling you she is 50). She is our head coach and her insight, her story and her encouragement for you may be just what you need to carry on."

- Trim Healthy Mama Facebook Group Member

"She’s the absolute best!! She totally gets your personal needs."

- Paige Waehner, Certified Personal Trainer


"I have known and worked with Kris for 20+ years. She is the BEST!"

- Leann Fray, Certified Personal Trainer at FIT Made Simple

"Amazing coach! She not only knows the THM plan like the back of her hand, she knows how to coach through roadblocks and mindset! She is kind and compassionate and great to work with!"

- Shonda Palmer, Health and Wellness Coach

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