Unlock Your Best Midlife: Defy Menopause Myths and Embrace Health

Oct 04, 2023

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Journey to Midlife Wellness: Challenges and Insights

It took me years to figure things out and can I just say, today’s way of dealing with menopause has not been very helpful to me. 


My goal is to make walking through this midlife season accessible and helpful to you. Especially if you are trying to lose weight instead of gain and the menopause hormonal symptoms are taking over your life. 


My desire is for you to show up well, be strong, and have hope. 


Your midlife can be a new beginning. 


Personal training and women’s health has been my passion for several years.

At first, when I started my Trim Healthy journey I wasn’t looking into hormones or anything like that. I just wanted to lose the last few pounds and stop the dieting roller coaster. I wanted to be healthy and feel better. 

Confronting Health Crisis: Hashimoto's, Adrenal Fatigue, and More

When I met Pearl and Serene and learned the Trim Healthy lifestyle through their books and conversations, it set me up really well for the health crisis I soon found myself embroiled in. 

Early on in my 40’s my health fell apart, I didn’t know what was going on. 


I sought doctor after doctor detailing all my symptoms, only to be met with blank stares and shoulder shrugs, they were unable to help me find answers and get healing. 


I had no other alternative than to dig in and figure things out. I read books and tried superfoods, supplements, and techniques. Eventually, I found an integrative healthcare practitioner who shone a light on some things that were going on in my body. 


And finally, I got the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, and adrenal fatigue, and leaky gut. 

It took me eight years to get a handle on my health and start clawing my way out. 


But thankfully, because I followed the Trim Healthy eating plan the door to healing was open to me.

The Role of Trim Healthy Living in Your Wellness Journey

Trim Healthy showed me how to eat in a healthy and helpful way and I felt really good. The supplements I took worked because the Trim Healthy plan brought balance to my blood sugar. 


I was able to manage the Hashimoto’s and pull out of adrenal fatigue. My gut began to heal. 


I felt so good for about two years while following the Trim Healthy plan and supporting my body with supplements and superfoods but then I hit another wall. 


This wall had a name too: perimenopause.   

Entering Perimenopause: Understanding the Changes

Perimenopause felt like an overnight change but I know it wasn’t. I just wasn’t paying attention to the subtle symptoms until they were unbearable. 


The low-level anxiety turned into months of crying. Occasional sleepless nights became endless nights of little to no sleep. Hot flashes got worse, brain fog took over.


I felt so off. 


Nothing, including my cycles, functioned well.

A Determined Decision: Seeking Solutions Beyond Medication

I went to my gynecologist for help. After detailing all my symptoms to my doctor I sat waiting expectantly for the treatment plan I needed so desperately but couldn’t figure out on my own. 


Instead, she told me the only options she had. I could get on the birth control pill or take an antidepressant. Her prognosis was 10 years of feeling crazy.


Not only was I shocked, I was devastated.


These options and this diagnosis were not acceptable. I had been through too much to accept medication as my only answer.


It took more study and more conversations with Pearl for me to get to the bottom of my issues. I eventually understood my declining hormones to be the root of my suffering. 

Empowering Midlife Women: Tools for Thriving

This knowledge along with training in Menopause Fitness and science-based research studies helped me get to the bottom of my problems and lit a fire in me to help other women walk through this season with less confusion and more answers.


My goal is for every woman in midlife to find the tools to thrive. 


Suffering is a thing of the past because there are ways you can help yourself.


My job as a Trim Healthy coach for women in midlife is to show you how to implement the Trim Healthy plan for the best weight loss after the age of 50 so you have more energy, less stress, reduced belly fat, and increased libido.

Your Midlife Weight Loss Roadmap

A Trim Healthy experience in midlife is a bit different and the methods to use are what I coach on in my 6-month midlife weight loss program, Feminine Freedom Path. 


  • You get coached on how to tweak the Trim Healthy plan for your life before and after menopause. 
  • You get coached on the best exercise strategies to limit injury while boosting weight loss. 
  • You get coached on key lifestyle changes to make so you see the scale and tape measure shrink all while supporting your hormones and how they are changing.


The Feminine Freedom Path helps women identify the gap for their over 50 bodies so weight loss and good health become reality.   


Debunking Midlife Myths: Suffering and Inevitable Weight Gain

Suffering in menopause is a myth. There are answers and solutions.


Inevitable weight gain in midlife is a myth. 


You can eat strategically for maximum weight loss. You can exercise smart and get strong.

It’s time for you to understand your unique challenges after the age of 50 and how to address them now to set you up for a better future. 


Join me next week as we continue to learn how to break through weight loss stalls, reduce belly fat, and find your fit and strong body. 


Feeling good in midlife is possible and you can learn to show up for the people you love and for yourself. 


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