Nourishing Wellness: Amy's Surprising Journey To A Healthier Life

Feb 28, 2024 


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I'm thrilled to have a very special guest, a dear friend, and a fellow Trim Healthy coach with many exciting things on her plate. Before we jump into the richness of our discussion, let's warmly welcome Coach Amy. She's here to share her insights, experiences, and, undoubtedly, a treasure trove of wisdom for all of us.


Amy's Trim Healthy Journey Unveiled

I'm Amy Gaskin, and my roots are in Southwest Mississippi. Trim Healthy has been my companion for seven years, reshaping my life in more ways than I can express.


Married almost 23 years to Wes, we're navigating life's adventures with our five incredible kids. The oldest, nearly 19, is at college, while the next one plans to graduate high school a year early - a significant achievement for them. Our household is an interesting mix, with adopted kids playing baseball and the older ones passionate about dancing.


In a challenging phase of life, traumatized by adoption struggles, I found myself on the couch, barely holding on. Then came the turning point. Transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle, I jumped into CrossFit - a move that kick-started my transformation—six months in, Coach JJ introduced me to the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. Skeptical but willing, I embraced it, unaware of the incredible journey it would set me on.


Starting the Trim Healthy Journey 

Entering the world of Trim Healthy wasn't just a choice for Amy; it became a lifeline, especially in surgical menopause. At 29, she faced the aftermath of three consecutive C-sections, each occurring every two years. The toll on her body was undeniable, culminating in the development of cysts on her ovaries.


The decision to undergo surgery at such a young age, removing her ovaries, was prompted by the challenges posed by recurring cysts. However, the journey wasn't without its share of complications. Shortly after the surgery, Amy experienced a pulmonary embolism, a life-threatening event that, miraculously, she survived. But this survival came with a caveat—she couldn't opt for hormone replacement therapy, the standard post-surgical protocol.


For almost a decade, Amy navigated life without hormonal support, a period that presented its set of challenges. During this time, Trim Healthy Mama (THM) was a game-changer. Without the aid of traditional hormone replacement, THM became her anchor, guiding her to wellness and healing.


THM prompted a radical shift in Amy’s approach to health. She started by cleaning up her diet, paying meticulous attention to hydration, and prioritizing self-care. The impact was profound. 


When people see Amy today, they might not understand the battles she’s faced. Amy often says, “You don't know the cost of my Alabaster Box.” She talks about the struggles and sacrifices that paved the way to where she stands now. 

Navigating Health Challenges: Wellness with Trim Healthy 

Three years ago, amid the chaos of the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, her health took a nosedive. The stressors of the time wreaked havoc on her adrenals, which had supported her for years. Remarkably, she had previously healed herself from Hashimoto's using Trim Healthy.


“My adrenals had been carrying me through life's challenges for an extended period.” With the help of Trim Healthy, I even managed to taper off my medication, thyroxin, under my doctor's guidance. All was well until the events of 2020. 


Despite being committed to the Trim Healthy plan, I found myself facing unexplained weight gain—10 pounds in weeks.


Recognizing that something was amiss, Amy connected with a functional medicine doctor located an hour and a half away from her home. Considering the long waiting lists for such reputable practitioners, the timing was on her side. With her doctor’s guidance, she was able to start hormone replacement therapy, utilizing pellets and a nightly progesterone regimen. While controversial in some circles, this decision has been transformative in Amy’s life over the past three and a half years.


Amy’s health journey is a testament to the intricate balance of life, where Trim Healthy has played a pivotal role in her food choices. 

Empowering Women Through Trim Healthy Coaching

Next, Amy and I chatted about her passion for helping women. As a Trim Healthy coach, her broad expertise shines. She doesn't confine her coaching to a specific niche; instead, it's an approach that adapts to the unique needs of her clients.


Amy’s coaching philosophy often revolves around a common theme: teaching women to prioritize self-care and assert themselves in medical settings and at home. Many women find themselves inadvertently playing the role of a doormat, often self-imposed. 


Breaking free from this pattern, Amy guides women to put themselves first, a key to unlocking health and wellness.


It's a theme both Amy and I share—women are worth the investment. This core belief underscores our coaching styles. We stand firm, reminding women that prioritizing themselves is not only acceptable but pivotal for unlocking health, weight loss, and wellness. 

Embracing Imperfections

Amy’s authenticity shines through as she acknowledges that not every day is adorned with perfect polka dots and shiny moments. It's about embracing imperfections and acknowledging that the journey to wellness isn't a linear progression but a series of steps, each infused with the commitment to prioritize oneself.


In Trim Healthy coaching, Amy’s approach isn't just about dietary plans; it's about nurturing a mindset shift, empowering women to speak up, believing in their worth, and choosing a journey toward better well-being.


Time Management and Boundaries: Shielding Against Overwhelm

Taking care of herself has become an art for Amy, a system of time management and carefully chosen habits. 


“As a coach, boundaries are my shield, protecting me from being engulfed by the demands of my business and family.”


Amy has trained herself to put her phone away and allow for undistracted portions of time. It's a small yet powerful act that shows the importance of creating space for others and herself. Occasionally, checking messages is allowed, but the phone swiftly finds its place back in its spot.


Amy shares how boundaries extend to family time. She and her husband, Wes, carve out moments for themselves and their family, knowing the importance of connection. Her organizational skills, far from being annoying, keep her on track. Planning has become a habit, an ingrained part of her routine.


One of her cherished habits is the 5:30 a.m. CrossFit class, a constant for seven years, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 


It's not just about personal well-being; it's a preventive measure against becoming a "raging lunatic." Traveling is another piece of the self-care puzzle, providing the much-needed reset.


Weekends, for Amy, are sacred, reserved for family, yard work, and cherished downtime. It's about doing what matters most and finding joy in the simple moments. This isn't about being everything to everyone but about being present where it truly counts.


The core of this routine lies in self-accountability. It's about cultivating a sense of responsibility to keep my commitments. If she veers off course, it's not just a personal setback; it ripples into her life and, in turn, affects those she cares about.


In essence, her routine is a dance of balance, a commitment to self that goes beyond the formalities of accountability. 


“It's about showing up for myself and, in doing so, showing up for the people who matter most.”


Transform Your Life

Amy’s encouragement is to remember that everyone has a starting place. 


“I didn't start as the disciplined, health-conscious person you might see today. It's a journey of little steps, not giant leaps.”


For the lady feeling the weight of it all, I'd say, "Choose one thing." Whether it's exercise or tweaking your meals, make it specific. Define when and how you'll do it. It's not merely about wanting to lose weight; it's about the actionable steps you'll take to make it happen.


As you listen to Amy’s story, remember that this transformation spans seven years. It's okay if your progress takes time. Each day is a chance to start fresh, building one habit at a time.


If doubts creep in about Trim Healthy working for you, know this: it does work, but consistency is key. 


Belief, Accountability, and Resilience: The Path to Success

Negative thoughts are normal, but acknowledge them and surround yourself with positivity and accountability. Lean on the Trim Healthy Mama community or find a coach who resonates with you.


Belief plays a pivotal role. Affirmations, sticky notes with positive messages, or uplifting music can help reshape your mindset. 


When negative influences, even from those close to you, try to derail your progress, hold tight to the truth. 


You are not alone; countless women share your struggles and triumphs.


Now, if you think, "It's just easier for Coach Amy; she's disciplined," let me assure you, it wasn't always this way. Discipline is a learned skill, not an inherent trait. It takes practice, daily commitment, and a willingness to change.


Excuses are roadblocks to progress. 


If you resist change, consider this: to see change, you must change.


Embrace it; don't fight it. Like letting go of that beloved coffee creamer, sometimes the very thing we resist is the key to our transformation.


You don't need to change who you are. Instead, become the best version of yourself. Happiness and well-being radiate, creating a positive ripple effect. 


Small steps each day lead to amazing transformations. 


You've got this; improvement is possible and within your reach.

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