Overcoming Setbacks on Your Weight Loss Journey: Lessons from Anne

Apr 26, 2023


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Impossible goals are. the. worst. 


And Anne felt like her health and weight loss goals were…impossible. 


She couldn't stick to the Trim Healthy Mama plan long enough to get traction. So…how was she supposed to find success in health and weight loss?


Hopeless and feeling like she was shoveling snow in a blizzard (she would know, she lives in Canada) - Anne kept trying. Eating on plan but falling off as soon as "life" happened. 


"I did not believe I would be able to find success for my health and weight loss. It seemed completely unmanageable." - Anne


One day, she reached out to me after a mutual friend recommended Feminine Freedom Path, my 6-month Coaching program. 


Her hormone and weight loss struggles made her a great candidate for Feminine Freedom Path. Years of blaming and shaming her lack of commitment didn't take into account her hormones needing to be optimized. 


It was time to turn her fat-burning hormones back on!


I'm interrupting myself here because - in perimenopause & menopause, fat loss is a journey. Every journey has setbacks and obstacles, but in midlife, your ability to persevere is fundamental.


Anne took quitting off the table. 


"I've been reflecting on my year and working on my goals for the next year. And this is the first time I've gotten to December and not felt like I've failed all of my January health goals." - Anne


She'd acknowledged her journey and looked at her year as progress toward her goals, not failure to meet those goals. 


As we worked on her eating plan and she dialed in her healthy habits - Anne hit goal after goal every month. Since she really wanted to optimize her hormones for weight loss and overall health, a doctor's visit was in order.


The results were..less than ideal, so she reached out for support. We unpacked her sabotaging thoughts and negative emotions and coached her to thoughts that helped.


Out of negative feedback from the doctor, she was able to meet with a Functional Practitioner and get to the bottom of her health issues. No more drama, just facts & solutions.


Anne saw her weight drop, leaned into unpacking the thoughts derailing her plans, and soon saw more success. 


Staying on the Trim Healthy Mama plan wasn't the hard thing in her life anymore. 


Anne proved herself wrong time and again. Weight loss goals weren't impossible, and now she had weeks and months of evidence to back up those claims.


"I'm confident I can succeed."


Anne went from not believing she could change to taking control of her health and losing weight because she showed up for herself with tenacity and grace.


"I've lost 29 inches and 40 pounds. 

My mindset has completely shifted. I'm not finished on my health journey, but I believe I can do it.

I am filled with hope and confidence that I am going to reach my goals."

 - Anne


What should you take away from this client story?


Losing weight, especially in midlife, is REALLY hard. We often fail several diets and trust in our commitment and perseverance is gone. 


Calling in help can be scary - but the investment (of trust & money) - will pay off as long as you show up for yourself with kindness and perseverance.


To wrap it up, here's my favorite piece of feedback from Anne:

"I feel so grateful for an amazing coach. 

I've been working so much on mindset, and I just feel so victorious praising God for that because my mindset has often been my biggest enemy."


The feeling is mutual, friend. - Kris


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