Unlocking the Keys to Consistent Weight Loss for Women Over 40: Strategies for Success

Mar 22, 2023

Why is it so hard to be consistent?


Starting is easy. 


Starting is exciting and new and fresh and so full of hope and possibility.


But doing what it takes to reach the end. Now that can be a real slog.


Starting your Trim Healthy journey is fun! There are so many good recipes to try and new things to learn. 


But then, to see success, you have to keep at these changes until they are a habit. Part of your lifestyle. 


So, I want to share with you what my most successful clients have in common and how they have overcome pitfalls and have learned to be successful on their Trim Healthy journey. 



  1. They made a quality commitment to adopt the plan as a lifestyle. Not a perfect commitment, but an “I am in” day in and day out because they were done with dieting. Done with the mental drama. And they also had people in mind that they wanted to show up healthy for. 


  1. They had to redefine what success is. Success is no longer just the number on the scale or perfect food choices. Success is (learning how to) show up for yourself daily and honor yourself with your choices. Success is about how you think and learning how to harness the power of your mind to live to your full potential. Success is realizing that failure is a part of the process. Success is meeting yourself right where you are and baby steps to the next level. 


  1. They chose to be imperfectly consistent, as well as learning from past mistakes. They kept getting back on plan and showing up day in and out. 


  1. They learned how to manage their mindset and negative emotions without turning to food. 


  1. They learned how to do the Trim Healthy plan for their own body type and season of life.


  1. They stayed encouraged by joining/following THM communities, accountability groups, listening to the “Poddy”, and other support systems.


  1. They created a system for their goals and focused on the system instead of the goal. 


Keep showing up no matter what happens and don’t give yourself excuses. You create change in your body and mind with practice. So if you are failing, and you make that mean, “I'm not consistent”, then you won't be consistent. But if you look at failure as “Oh, failure is a part of the journey, failure is a part of the process.” 


If you can use failure to your advantage, and get right back on your Trim Healthy plan, then you are learning consistency, and you are being more consistent than you were. 


Preparing for failure and accepting failure is a part of your successful journey. 


You can do this too!


Which one of these qualities do you need to cultivate?



“Thank you for the practical advice that is helping me focus on habits and mindset.”  - Danielle


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