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Sep 27, 2022


Are you ready to get Energized?


Let’s continue to learn about the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. This is the best eating plan that you can follow for your health, hormones, and fat loss especially if you are over the age of 40. Mid-life weight can be very difficult to shed because you are dealing with shifting hormone levels. The best plan for you to follow is the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating because it will bring your blood sugar levels under control and allow your body to heal and release stubborn weight.


I taught you earlier about Satisfying meals that are centered around good healthy fats; now let’s look at Energizing meals. 


E meals are Energizing meals. When we create E meals our focus turns away from fats and toward carbs. Carbs give us the energy that we need. Carbs are basically glucose and our bodies need glucose in the right setting and at the right time.


Healthy carbs are metabolism revving and healing to our endocrine system. 


What does it take to build an E meal?


First, you need lean protein. This could be chicken tenders, chicken breast, fish, and even salmon (skin removed). 

Next, you add your carbs. Add a sweet potato, or golden potato. You could enjoy roasted carrots or lentils. Add beans or rice or quinoa. If it is a healthy carb, add it to your plate. While we aren’t going to obsess about the numbers, you do want to limit your carb intake in an E meal to about 42 grams. Because our focus is on healthy carbs with protein you will only use a little bit of fat, less than 1 teaspoon of fat with this meal is perfect.


Here are a few guidelines for healthy carbs:

Brown Rice - ¾ cup

Quinoa - ¾ cup

Oatmeal - ½-¾ cup, uncooked

2 pieces of whole grain, sprouted or sourdough bread

You can also include low-fat dairy like 0% Greek yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.


Just remember, E meals include Lean-protein + healthy carbs + veggies & fruit.


Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates! You need these Energizing meals.


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