A Daughter's Desperation to be healed

Jan 03, 2023

Mark 5:34 “Daughter,” he said to her, “your faith has saved you. Go in peace, and be healed from your affliction.”


Jesus calls her Daughter.

What an intimate name. In that one word, he conveys fatherly warmth, love, compassion, and protection. This is an amazing moment where desperate faith stretches out to touch a holy God. In this Daughter’s desperation, she seeks him out.

She follows him. She had only heard about him. But she must know that He alone is the source of healing and hope. Why else would she have dared approach him? Yet she “came up behind him”, not to his face.

Have you ever felt your faith desperate yet strained at the same time?

Maybe you feel unworthy. Maybe you've only heard about the goodness of God but have yet to experience it for yourself and so you are uncertain, scared to even dare to trust. But you look at your affliction and know that only by His hand will you find restoration and peace. And so, you come up to him with all the boldness you can muster, even though it’s just coming up behind him hoping to get close enough to brush your desperate hand against the cloth that covers him. Or maybe you aren't able to reach up like you once were. Know that your heavenly Father sees you. He knows you. He loves you. He won’t walk away.

The moment this Daughter (Read about her here) touches his clothing she is healed from her 12-year-old bleeding affliction. She receives her healing because of her faith.

This miraculous and intimate story is inserted into the story of another father.

Jesus was on his way to a man’s home when the bleeding woman unintentionally interrupts his journey. The man who begged for Jesus to come is Jairus, a synagogue leader. He is the father of a dying 12-year-old girl. But by contrast, the father is the one seeking healing for his daughter. These two encounters give us a picture of two fathers, two daughters, and two miracles. Just as Jairus longs for his daughter’s healing, your Father longs for your healing too. So much so, that he sent His Son to come and sacrifice Himself for you so that in Him you can find healing, peace, and a relationship with Him-your true Father.  

So know that you aren’t “too much", you are His Daughter. He will stop everything for you. Just as he did to the bleeding woman; He offers you his fatherly warmth, love, compassion, and protection.

Go to Him, stretch out your faith, receive your salvation, and in Him, you will find healing and peace.




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