5 Tactics to Eat Right in Midlife and Boost Hormone Health

Dec 06, 2023



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What foods do we need to eat to support hormones in midlife?


Great question. But first, let's clear the air: certain foods and supplements can help SUPPORT your body during hormonal changes but not balance them. You won't be able to increase your hormone levels with these foods, but you can find symptom relief and increase your weight loss potential.


The only way to bring your hormones back would be with bio-identical hormones, which we will talk about another time.


1. Unmask the Culprits: Processed Foods and Inflammatory Oils

[Avoid the Junk]

Midlife throws its curveballs, and one sneaky culprit is the temptation of processed foods. From tortilla chips to Oreos, these so-called 'non-food' items can seriously mess with your hormones. Processed foods wreak havoc on your overall health and blood sugar levels; they offer no nutritional value.

Choose wisely among on-plan oils such as olive, MCT, and coconut.

But watch out for off-plan oils; they tend to be inflammatory troublemakers.

Off-Plan oils

  • Canola oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Corn oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Margarine

2. Moderation Matters: Fats, Veggies, and Lean Proteins

[Lightening Up on Fats]

Let's chat about fats – they're a big deal in midlife, and finding the right balance is key. You need fats but don't overdo it. Opt for lean proteins over red meat to allow for better weight loss. When I say "lighten up," I mean your Trim Healthy S meal. Choose healthy fats and stick to 2 tsp-2 tablespoons of healthy fat.


Veggies are your new BFF. Have them at every meal; fill half your plate with leafy greens. Not only do they do wonders for your gut, but they also help detox your body. And that fiber? It's like a superhero for reducing belly fat.

Foods to Support Your Hormones:

   - Go light on fats in your S meals for that perfect balance.

   - Increase your veggie intake for a happy gut and loads of micronutrients.

3. Carb Confidence: Embracing Low-Glycemic Carbs and Protein Power

[Embracing Smart Carbs]

Let's debunk a myth: carbs are not your enemy; it's all about smart choices. Imagine this power couple — protein and low-glycemic, slow-burning carbs — working together to bring support to your hormones and boost energy. Ready to shake up your breakfast routine? Try a few mornings with protein-packed, carb-rich breakfasts. It's a fantastic strategy to keep your insulin levels steady throughout the day.


Now, about the no/low carb trend: not your best friend when it comes to energy. Your body needs those good carbs to keep the energy coming.


Enter the king of the scene: protein. Make it a star at every meal and snack, aiming for 20-30 grams. Why? Because protein isn't just a player; it's your muscle-builder and boosts your fat-burning capabilities. Feeling less than satisfied after a meal? Maybe it's time to up your protein game. It's also the secret weapon to keep that post-meal fullness lingering longer.


Spice up your breakfast routine with protein-packed options for a day-long insulin regulation boost.

4. Navigating Between Meals: No BLTs Allowed

[No Room for Bites, Licks or Tastes]

Let's zero in on mindful eating. Those small bites between meals can throw off your hormonal balance. Keep a 3 to 4-hour gap between meals, and watch your body become a more efficient fat-burning machine.


Here's your action plan: Create essential space for your body to burn stored fat.


Now, let's talk about a tasty strategy. Load up on fermented and prebiotic foods — these are like superheroes for weight loss and gut health. Not only do they help you maintain a healthy weight, but they also work wonders on your insulin levels.


Get plenty of fermented foods and prebiotics for a happy gut.

>>Choose from a variety: cultured vegetables, miso, Kombucha, Natto, tempeh, yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and fermented pickles.

Feel the shift? It's the key to a healthier you!

5. Nutrient-Rich Choices: Supporting Hormones

[Every Bite Counts]

Understanding how food affects your hormones is essential. While food can't bring back your hormones, it helps in special ways. These foods I've mentioned are great for reducing symptoms and helping you lose weight, but they don't add more hormones to your body once your hormones are gone. Some can help control estrogen, but if you've lost your estrogen, the food won't bring it back.

The aim is to activate hormones that burn fat and support your body, primarily cortisol and insulin, which are the hormones that store fat. Eating right is like giving your body the best fuel for good health.



Remember, midlife is a journey best navigated with intention. Avoid the pitfalls of processed foods, moderate your fats wisely, embrace the right carbs, say no to BLTs, and let every bite be a step toward energized health. 


Nourish your body, support your hormones, and tackle a journey to a dynamic midlife. The path to support is paved with the foods you choose.



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