Jingle All the Way to Wellness: Midlife Holiday Tips with guest Coach Sarah

Dec 20, 2023



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What you eat in midlife is essential to reach your health and weight loss goals. 


But the holidays can throw a wrench in your efforts to stay on your Trim Healthy plan.


What would the holiday season be if we didn’t have all the sugary goodies overwhelming every friend, work, and family gathering?


Can you even imagine?


On today’s podcast episode, I chatted with a dear friend, Coach Sarah Truitt from Araya Hope Health.


Sarah is a busy mama to 6 kids and has been following the Trim Healthy plan for the last ten years and actively coaching for the past 5. 

She is on a mission to empower, equip, and encourage women to lead the next generation in health and healing.


Her insights into shifting from unhealthy and inflammatory food choices during the holidays to creating new food traditions with family and friends are powerful.


You’ll want to hear how Sarah broke free from sugar addiction, reduced inflammation, and changed her family legacy one holiday at a time.


Determined to keep the goals she sets for herself, Coach Sarah doesn’t see life as a series of setbacks but rather as opportunities to practice her comeback. She chooses to meet health limitations like needing to eat dairy-free and gluten-free as a challenge, not an obstacle. And with that mindset, she has created new recipes and found new foods to help her meet her goals.


Coach Sarah and I agree that change is only possible with a renewed mindset where you know the thoughts and lies keeping you from reaching your desires and weight loss goals. 

We discuss options for holiday treats and gifts, keeping a cooler full of healthy alternatives for every outing, and dialing in your eating when things get out of control and busy.


Weight loss in midlife and menopause can be slow, but we encourage you to persevere. Get out of bed every day, remembering the calling of God in your life. A calling to add value to the lives of others. A calling to be set free from sabotaging and destructive thoughts. It is a calling to keep taking baby steps and let those small wins increase your momentum.


You get to decide what your holidays will be like. Will you rise to the challenge and find new ways to celebrate? Will you renew old traditions and enjoy them in a new way?


Empower yourself and take control of your health.


Christmas is a fantastic season of giving, and if you need some new recipes to bring to family gatherings or share with your neighbors, then be sure to grab Coach Sarah’s free Holiday Recipe ebook. She uses tried and true recipes to bake up and share with her friends.


I’ll link below to many of the other food items we chat about so you have loads of healthy alternatives at your fingertips and can sail through every holiday with success.


The Christmas season is a time to invest in your health and bless your family. And, when you have a simple meal plan full of your favorite healthy meals, your time is free to invest in those around you. 


Make this season a time of mindset renewal; remember, the people you spend time with are the main event, not the food.


When you focus on meeting your health goals, you can breathe that freedom and healing into those around you. 

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