Easy Hacks for Midlife Weight Loss Success

Dec 13, 2023



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Let’s dive into something we know too well - how to deal with those extra pounds in our midlife journey.

Today, we're walking through all the Trim Healthy Mama plan components and how to follow it when you are in menopause. So, grab a cozy spot, and let's chat about how to make those midlife pounds say their goodbyes.


Making Friends with Trim Healthy

The Big Idea: Food Tag Teams for Weight Loss Magic

Trim Healthy is a great place to start at this stage in the game because it’s all about regulating certain fat-burning hormones so you can jump-start your weight loss. 

Following the Trim Healthy plan gives your body the micro and macronutrients needed to support your hormones, brain, and blood sugar. 

So let’s dive into Trim Healthy as your whole food approach to eating that eliminates sugar and white flour. This plan utilizes separating fats and healthy carbs, not in a low- or no-carb way but by balancing how you eat carbs and what kind you choose. 

The same balance is used when choosing good, healthy fats. No need to eliminate fats unless they are harmful oils that cause inflammation in your body and slow down weight loss. 

The Trim Healthy plan works because your body can only burn one fuel source at a time, and it will choose glucose first. When you choose one fuel source at each meal instead of letting carbs and fats hang out together, you increase your ability to burn through your own fat stores.


Real Talk about Trim Healthy

Trim Healthy isn't some crazy diet; it's more like your food, BFF. It's all about real food - no sugar, no white flour. It's just good stuff that loves your body.

It is a low glycemic eating plan with a balanced approach to fats and healthy carbs without excluding any food groups unless you’re intolerant or allergic. 

Your first priority is avoiding white sugar and flour, some bad oils, and most packaged foods. Instead you get to fill your plate with a wide array of whole foods, in fact, all vegetable and fruits are on plan.

The Trim Healthy way of eating works well with our hormones instead of against them, allowing your body to deal with excess weight and other unpleasant menopause symptoms so you can feel good and have energy.


Handling extra weight in Your 50s

Midlife Isn’t Always a Smooth Ride

When you hit the big 5-0, things change. Hormones decide to throw a party, and weight gain can sneak in but by following Trim Healthy and making a few tweaks, you can give your body the boost it needs. 


Mealtime Magic: E Meals and S Meals

E Meals: Fuel for the Midlife Energy Boost

Let's talk meals - the E or Energizing Meals. These are your energy buddies. Choose your lean protein, keep the healthy carbs in check and fats low, and pile on those non-starchy veggies. 

Here's the breakdown:

  • Protein comes first: keep it lean for this energizing meal.
  • Carb Love: Stick to around 45 grams per meal. It's giving your body the right kind of fuel without overloading it.
  • Fats Light: Keep fats low, like around 5 grams. Your body burns carbs first, and that's the goal.
  • Veggies Rule: Load up on non-starchy veggies. They're like the cheerleaders for your metabolism, especially when life hits the midlife switch.


S Meals: Satisfy the cravings

Now, S Meals are your soothing comfort food pals. They have good fats, just enough carbs, and plenty of protein. This meal is your best helper to lose a sugar addiction. 

Here's the easy math:

  • Choose your protein: any pick works well here, but I recommend limiting red meat choices to 3 times a week.
  • Carbs Low: Keep it under 10 grams. Your body thanks you for being gentle with it.
  • Fats in Check: A couple of tablespoons or less. Lighter fats are the secret, especially for the ladies in the midlife crew.


Life-Saving Tips for Midlife Success

Meal Plans Made Easy

Most of us in midlife are busier than ever, so having a meal plan is paramount. Cook up midlife-friendly carbs and veggies in advance - think sweet potatoes, quinoa, or brown rice and create your own veggie hack to pull out and add to any meal.


Protein: Your Daily Power-Up

Protein is the hero. Spread it out - 30 grams for breakfast, 20-30 grams for lunch and dinner, and don’t forget it in your snacks. It's not just for muscles; it revives your midlife energy levels while working to burn off extra fat.


Mix It Up: E and S Meals Tag Team

Meal planning is like a superhero move. Keep it interesting, switch between E and S meals, and keep that metabolism guessing. It's like "a fun game for weight loss."


Midlife Vibes: Flexibility Matters

Trim Healthy Mama Adapts to You

Life after 50 isn’t set in stone, nor is the Trim Healthy eating plan. You will need to make changes and small tweaks as you go for this plan to fit your body in its current stage and still lose weight. Sometimes, this can be frustrating, but be patient with learning to listen to what your body needs and how it responds. Small, steady changes will get you to your goals if you don't quit.



Here's the TLDR version:

  1. Healthy Fuel Wisdom: Keep those fuels separate for weight loss magic.
  2. Your Trim, Your Way: Make Trim Healthy Mama work for you, especially when midlife throws its surprises.
  3. Easy Hacks: Plan your meals, love your protein, and keep the menu exciting. 



Starting a weight loss journey post-50 might feel like a big deal, but it’s all about moving forward step by step. 



Trim Healthy is your weight loss and hormone friend after 50. It’s a powerhouse plan, and we've just scratched the surface. Stay tuned for more tips, more success, and the best version of you after 50! 



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