Get Your Trim On 

Group Coaching

What Is Get Your Trim On Coaching?


Get Your Trim On is a group coaching program that I lead to help women successfully follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan. 


Trim Healthy Mama is a program designed for women who are tired of yo-yo dieting and who want to be able to sustain a healthy weight, find food freedom, and experience vibrant health.  


The THM approach is centered around low-glycemic eating, which is eating food that doesn’t spike your blood sugar.

Is THM Right for You?

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused when thinking about starting Trim Healthy Mama? Are you just staring at all the THM products, books, and FB groups and don’t know where to start? Do you feel hopeless, like you will never get the excess weight off and keep it off? Do you struggle with negative thought patterns that keep you on again and off again?


Whether you a THM newbie or veteran or somewhere in between, this is the plan for you!


And as a THM success story and the Certified THM Head Coach, I can help you achieve lasting results by providing you with the support and accountability you need to stay on track. 

How It Works

The Get Your Trim On Group Coaching is a monthly subscription program designed to help you learn how to create healthy, winning habits and remove mental blocks that have been hindering your health journey.


Each month you will have access to group coaching in a private Facebook group focused on helping you understand hormonal changes, lose weight, tone up, and master your mindset.   In addition to the coaching, you'll have access to additional exclusive benefits and resources including:

Get Your Trim On Tribe Portal

The Members Portal is an additional resource to aid you in your coaching journey. It allows our community to build and share menus together, teach and review vital topics, and streamline your weight loss success! 

Support Group

As part of the group coaching program, you'll receive exclusive access to a closed Facebook group where you will find posts such as daily prompts, live videos, challenges, inspirational quotes, recipes, daily accountability check-ins, and before/after success stories.  Plus you'll be part of a close community of women to support and encourage you every step of the way through your journey.

Meal Planning

Members of the group will also have access to THM menu templates so that we can build your menu together. 

Bi-Weekly Group Zoom Calls

During the bi-weekly group zoom calls, I'll work in partnership with you to teach you the THM plan, provide accountability, and help you set, achieve, and sustain your wellness goals.  

Enrollment for the Get Your Trim On Group Coaching is Open Once Per Month


The next enrollment period is at the end of each month. Join the waiting list below to be notified when enrollment begins.    


Would you prefer one-on-one support?


I also offer a 1:1 coaching option for women who are seeking more personalized and intensive support.  

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