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From Coach Kris

About the ebook:

Hi! I am Kris Honeycutt and I am the Head Coach of the Certified Trim Healthy Mama coaching program, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Nutrition Specialist. I have over 25 years of experience in health and wellness, and helping others achieve their health goals is my passion.

At the time I wrote The Blessing of Menopause, I was 52 and had just hit menopause. I would have been thrilled a decade ago to know what I know now. Why? Because the 6 years have been difficult and I thought I was going crazy. I experienced depression, lack of zeal for life, increased fat, wrinkles, loss of patience, and tolerance to certain things (or people), low sex drive, and sleep disturbances.

The average menopausal age is 51 in the United States, with perimenopause stretching up to 5 or even 15 years before that. Sometimes, perimenopause can start as young as our 30s.

How about you? Are you finding that your body is going rogue on you? Are you fighting with the creeping scale, experiencing dreaded hot flashes, night sweats, increased anxiety, sleep disturbances, and more belly fat? I know how that feels. As I approached 50, I became determined to figure out why this was starting to happen to me, my clients, and my suffering friends.

After much research, interviews with Health Practitioners and my own personal journey, I found that Perimenopause and Menopause do not have to be as miserable as it seems. This may be new news to you: you have more control over aging than you imagined. It has to do with bringing your hormones into balance and turning on your youth hormones. These are the hormones that regulate your mood, your weight, your energy levels, and other factors that keep you feeling energetic, confident, and vibrant.

So, the lucky winner of this giveaway will discover that through restoring her hormones, she can help postpone or even reverse many signs of aging. She will also 
  • What are hormones and how do they affect aging, weight loss, and overall wellbeing.
  • What you can do to balance/support your hormones naturally, with bioidentical hormones, and with food.
  • Practical tips, recipes, tweaks to make to your THM lifestyle, best exercises, and more.
But that's not all! She will also receive a free month of group coaching which will include help with these topics:
  • Avoiding weight gain during the holidays
  • Avoiding stress eating
  • Navigating holiday meals/gatherings
  • Moving with intention
  • Overcoming holiday temptations
You also get:
  • Access to past Monthly Modules 
  • Daily accountability, support, and teaching
  • Weekly Live Q & A
  • Exclusive access to my closed FB group
  • Faith-based Marco Polo community 
  • Zoom group coaching calls
  • Menu suggestions/ideas
  • 3 amazing THM products created for low-glycemic eating that doesn’t spike your blood sugar
How about you? Are you finding that your body is going rogue on you?  I want you to know you don't have to be miserable through this life change. You can do something to tame those hormones - no matter how old you are.
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Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I am a Black Belt in Martial Arts
  2. I helped create the THM Coaching Program
  3. I love racquet sports: tennis, pickleball, and ping pong
  4. I love horses, motorcycles, sports cars, exercising, learning new things, and the beach.

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