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Reset 2020 Trim Down and Tone Up!

Reset 2020 Trim Down and Tone Up

Reset 2020 Module is designed for those wanting to start fresh in the new year. The goal for this 6 week module is weight loss using the Stubborn Losers Menus and building strength/tone using short workout videos and/or your exercise of choice. Stay encouraged with check-ins, accountability, individualized coaching and community support.

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Reset 2020 Trim Down and Tone Up

Are you ready to kick the new year off with a fantastic program aimed to help you lose weight, tone up and master your mindset? Join coach Kris and reset your body and mind in this 6-week program.


Dates: Jan 6- Feb 14

This group will be held in my Monthly Coaching Facebook Group at a low price of $35.00 per month. This is a monthly subscription that is automatically billed each month for coaching/programs.  Cancel at any time.

We will be using the Stubborn Losers Menus 1.2.3 and/or Ultra Veggie sliming (optional- you can use your own menu if preferred)

There will be Beginner/intermediate exercise videos and/or suggested workouts for either 3 or 5 days each week 

I will be teaching weekly on Mindset Renewal using my 6 Keys to THM Success online course

Daily check-ins

Daily accountability, support, and encouragement

Weekly Live for Q & A


If you are joining us in using the Stubborn Losers Menu, you will need to join the THM Membership.
*if you are a first time Membership user, you can use my code 1400 for $10.00 off.
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Workout Equipment

Here are the weights and bands I recommend. Check out these Amazon links below. (I am not an Amazon affiliate at this time and do not receive any compensation from these links. They are simply examples of some I like.)

3, 5, and 8-pound weights

Other Monthly Group Coaching Modules

Here you will find a brief description of our coaching modules all included in your monthly coaching group package.

Holiday Guide

This module is designed to share strategies and tips to get through the Holidays intentionally and on track. I also created a round-up of Holiday recipes that will make your mouth water without affecting your waistline. As a bonus, I added the 24 Techniques to Beat Stress to help you slay the Holidays.

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Immune System Builder

This module is designed to educate and equip you with Immune-Boosting strategies, tools, and recipes using some of the immune-boosting THM products such as Baobab, Collagen, Essential Oils and Sippers.

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6 Keys to THM Success

This Module is designed for the Trim Healthy Mama beginner or struggling mama/woman who wants to understand the plan better, learn how to implement the plan for their season and change sabotaging thought patterns that keep them on and off again. This Module provides in-depth teaching along with daily homework, accountability, individual coaching sessions, and daily support. 

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