Overcome obstacles to find your trim!

Are you tired of trying diet after diet only to find that you are right back where you started, or heavier?

Discover the weight-loss difference at Get Your Trim On with Coach Kris Honeycutt


Choose your unique THM coaching journey by selecting either One on One Coaching or Group Coaching.


Be encouraged, educated and empowered to lose weight and keep it off as we work together to Get Your Trim On. 


Enjoy your success and new Trim Healthy Lifestyle.

How Coaching with Kris works:

Choose a Pricing Option:

Each option is designed to educate, empower, and encourage Get Your Trim On members in their Trim Healthy Mama weight loss and overall health journey.

Ways to work with me

One on One Coaching


Per Month

  • Weekly coaching call
  • Text and email availability
  • THM helps
  • Community Support
  • Menu suggestions
  • Prep check list
  • Troubleshooting

For a 20% discount on a 3 month coaching package CLICK HERE!

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Monthly Group Coaching



  • 6 Keys to the THM Success Online Course

  • 2 Coaching calls per month

  • Daily accountability, support, and encouragement

  • Live Q & A

  • Scheduled Food Journal Review

  • New content monthly

  • 10% discount on A La Cart calls
  • Exclusive access to a closed Facebook Group
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A La Cart Coaching Call


Per Hour Call

  • A La Cart calls may be purchased by anyone who may need a one-time call
  • 10% discount for clients who have already purchased a Group Coaching package or are doing One on One coaching.



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One on One Coaching Package

Yep, it's just me and you!

1 Phone Consult per week for 4 Weeks -.You will receive 4 - 30 minute phone calls each month which you can schedule within your One on One Coaching Member Module. I will call you at our appointed time. Each call will consist of some or all of the following:

After each phone call, you will receive: A menu/grocery list from the THM Membership site*, a personalized Action Plan for the week, Prep day list, and suggestions/tips.

THM Helps - Forms created to help my clients learn the THM plan.

Weekly coaching call - This call lasts for 30 minutes and it is where we plan your menu, plan your prep day, troubleshoot, weight check in, and answer any questions you may have.

Weekly check-in and correspondence - You can text or email questions throughout the week. I will respond at the latest by the end of the following day.

Community Support - As a client, you are invited into my FB GYTO group where we share questions, support, recipes, tips and more. Each week I will post an encouragement, a teaching video, recipe, tips, and helpful links.

Menu/Grocery List - These will be generated through the THM Membership site*. We will build your menu together.

Prep List with video - You will have access to my “Prep THM Style video” and will receive a prep list during our coaching call.

Troubleshooting - Each week, I troubleshoot any issues or obstacles you may are having.

One on One Coaching Community is eligible for a 10% discount on all other Get Your Trim On Packages

*THM Membership is required if clients want the menu/grocery list: If you choose to sign up for the membership it will be $14 per month for new members. I will discount my coaching cost to account for this fee. If you are already a member, then I will also discount my coaching cost accordingly.

*THM Membership purchased separately with Get Your Trim On $10.00 discount for first time members.

*Coaching by Kris THM Coaching code for new members: 1400

Monthly Group Coaching Package

Unlocking our trim together!

Hi Friends!

If you are interested in Group Coaching, look no farther!

Coach Kris brings you the:

Monthly Group Coaching

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Do you feel overwhelmed and confused when thinking about starting Trim Healthy Mama? Are you just staring at all the THM products, books, and FB groups and don’t know where to start? Do you feel hopeless, like you will never get the excess weight off and keep it off? Do you struggle with negative thought patterns that keep you on again and off again?

Whether you a THM newbie or veteran or somewhere in between? This is the program for you!

Here’s what YOU get……..

The first few Modules cover the 6 Keys to THM Success.

Each Module Online Curriculum includes handouts, homework , and videos created by Coach Kris to teach you the key concepts of how to do the THM successfully. 

Future Modules will include

  • Superfoods Made Simple
  • 5 Day Metabolism Shake up Menu
  • Hormone Balance 
  • Master your Mindset
  • And much more

2 Group Coaching calls per month

Daily accountability, support, encouragement and community support

Live Q & A

Scheduled food journal review

New content monthly

Exclusive access to a closed Facebook group

THM Membership discount*

Discount on One on One coaching - Group members will receive a 25% discount on One on One coaching.

Example of things you will see posted in the FB group:

Daily prompts                                                            Recipe/Recipe makeovers

FB Live videos                                                            Testimonies

Challenges                                                                  Before/After

Inspirational quotes                                                   Weekly check-ins

THM Plan education                                                 

*THM Membership must be purchased separately. First time members only, are eligible for a $10.00 off discount with Get Your Trim On Coaching Package. 

Group Coaching Community is eligible for a 10% discount on all other Get Your Trim On Packages


Still not sure which package is right for you?

Want to meet Coach Kris and see how you can fit as a team?

Then schedule a Free Discovery Call Today.

Discovery Call:

  • Usually lasts about 30 min
  • We get to know each other a little better
  • I share my approach with you
  • There is a short Question and Answer Session
  • We discuss Packages and Pricing

There is no need to schedule a discovery call if you already know your package choice and can't wait to join. Select an option above and let's get started!

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What to expect:

Login to Get Your Trim On Library at top right of webpage:

Prepare for your coaching call:

  • Login as a New Member
  • THM waiver - this is a waiver stating that you will not hold THM responsible or liable
  • Coaching Client Agreement - my coaching terms, our agreement, your payment information, and commitment
  • Meal Assessment - an online form that you fill out regarding food preferences and current eating habits
  • Fill out your Three Day Journal - 3-day record of what you eat and drink 
  • Intake form - this gathers pertinent information regarding the your demographic, weight, goals, etc.
  • Purchase the THM Membership here.
  • Schedule your first Client Coaching Call
Members Only: Schedule One on One Coaching Call

Schedule a Client Coaching Call

Client Coaching Call:

  • Design a Customized Personal Action Plan
    • Troubleshoot problem areas
    • Starter recipe package
    • Menu suggestions
    • Prep-day List
    • Personalized grocery list, if applicable
  • Teach THM program
  • Question and Answer Session

Link to schedule appointment will be provided.

Resource List 

  • Apps
  • Supplement Suppliers
  • Favorite Shopping Items
  • Game Changing Recipes
  • Pod Cast and Inspiration 
  • and much more...


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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Kris for the better part of 20 years. She has always displayed excellence in character and professional conduct. Kris will represent the Health and Wellness community with the highest moral and ethical integrity, which I have witnessed first hand. Our families and culture are better off because of servants like her. "

Yours in Health,
Dr. Gregory Skye D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

A THM coach is an expert in the area of the Trim Healthy Mama plan. A coach works in partnership with their clients to teach the plan, provide accountability, set goals, and take action to achieve and sustain their weight loss goals.

In general, my clients are 35 to 55 year-old women who want to lose weight with the THM plan and keep it off. Clients will learn the plan and be coached in how to implement the plan for their specific need. Typical goals besides weight loss are: balance blood sugar and hormones, increase overall health, and improve energy.

I recommend clients work with me for 3 months because this time-frame has a high success rate for achieving goals and creating new long-term health habits. However, I am committed to work with you for as long as it takes to achieve your goals.

No, clients do not have read the THM books or know the THM plan to work with me.


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